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Party Plan Training To Match Your Personality!

If you are a party plan consultant who would like to jump start your business then YOU are in the right place!

Named as one of the top 3 direct sales websites worldwide, you will find training tips, tricks and systems to create a home party plan business that meets your goals and budget. Whether you are part time, full time or hobbyist….

Look around because we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for whether it is training or just direct sales information!

Listen to what Sharon has to say about the Cash Flow Show and Deb Bixler, creator of all the training programs found on the site!

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The Cash Flow Show Systems Of Direct Selling Success

The Cash Flow Show training programs listed below feature down-to-earth action based education in a wide variety of topics that serve the party plan consultant needs.



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Home Party Plan Training = Presentation Skills

The Create A Cash Flow Show home party plan training program is the premium product on the site. It is the exact show presentation system that Deb used to have a show average that was 50% above the company average. Learn more about how to increase your Party Plan Sales with the Create A Cash flow Show training program.

Team Recruiting Training

The Direct Sales Recruiting University teaches team leaders how to grow a massive sales organization. Leverage your time! Send your team to the Direct Sales Training Recruiting University. It is college for direct sellers.

Direct Selling Business Training

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Direct Sales And Marketing System To Quit Your Job

Power UP For Professional Results is the direct sales and marketing system that Deb used to quit her job. She took advantage of every opportunity to get bookings, sign up consultants and grow her business and you should too! Click here for Deb’s Direct Sales And Marketing system.

Direct Selling Elite Bookings Club

The Elite Club is a Direct Selling Training private access center that features the Direct Sales Booking University and all the Cash Flow Show Radio downloads.

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Home Party Plan Business Training “How To” Research

World Of Direct Selling

The Create A Cash Flow Show website IS the largest party plan training center on the web.

Honored by OnAir Direct Selling LIVE as one of the top 5 direct sales resources on the internet you will find a solution to any direct selling problem here.

Sales is sales, home party or not…

The action based tips, techniques, training and resources you find here will work in any company, any product line and any business model. If you are in sales, then you are in the right place!

From the free training resources found on the direct sales blog to the famous “How To” guides and research in the world of direct selling for those who are still wanna-be consultants, the Cash Flow Show is here for you!

If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to call or send us an email!

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