Direct Selling Books – E-Books To Grow A Party Business

These direct selling books are home party plan specific electronic PDF downloads that actually TALK!

Direct Selling Books – Only $7 & Include:

  • PDF File To Download To Your Computer
  • An Hour Long Recording Of A Cash Flow Show Seminar Or Radio Show
  • All Of The Forms Discussed On The Recording.
  • Scripts Or Forms Mentioned In Audio
  • Party Plan Specific Training

After saving the e-book it is then easily attachable to any e-mail so you can forward it to your team for training purposes or share it with friends.
–>Note: All the direct selling books on this page are included in The Complete Program.

Home Party Bookings!

  • Pump UP Your Calendar brings you an UNLIMITED supply of FREE leads so that you have more party bookings
  • This e-book will give you the tools to say, “sorry–my calendar is full; will the next month work for you?”
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Increase Income With Catalog Shows

  • The program Catalog Shows Are Gravy will bring more income into your home business!
  • Create 1/3 of your income from catalog sales! It’s Gravy!
  • Coach catalog shows for sales and bookings!
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Host Coaching for $1000 Parties

  • You deserve to have $1000 parties every month!
  • Host Coaching For $1000 Shows will make that happen!
  • Your hostesses will LOVE you!
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Powerful Party Plan Show Games

  • Home party games must serve three purposes at your home party.
  • They must provide value for the consultant, the host and the guest.
  • FUN games = sales, bookings & recruits!
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Find Business Leads At Expos

  • Explode Expo Results is a program to bring home MORE qualified leads from the next business fair or expo event.
  • This training E-Book will teach you how to maximize your expo or fair experience and make your day worthwhile.
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Get ALL Direct Selling Books

  • 5 PDF E-Books With Audio For ONLY $27
  • Can’t decide which training program to get? Then, get them all!
  • The “I want them all” party plan package includes all 5 talking e-books for only $27!
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The Best Direct Selling Book Of Scripts

direct sales company Book Of ScriptsAnother good e-book is the “Home Party Plan Scripts” that gives you word choices to use for better results.

It is $17 so it is not on this page. Learn more about the direct sales scripts e-book.

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