"Attitude Is Everything" Posts

Incorporate these entrepreneur success tips into your direct sales business with the attitude of a professional.

Market Your Brand Not The Company’s

When you Market Your Brand instead of the corporate brand you will start to get the results you want! Ideal customers and a growing team will be yours!

Another Company Closes Down: What Next?

When A Company Closes Down
Our sympathy goes out to Wildtree and Chloe + Isabel reps! Read what you should do when a company closes down. A company closing is traumatic for everyone. Learn what to do if it is your company and how to support them.

Survey Says… Most Are Not Willing!

Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and motivation issues make many direct sellers not willing to do what it takes to succeed. Listen to the radio and learn how to overcome this.

Compound Interest In Business

compound interest
Invest in your business and compound interest will pay off. Read how to achieve direct sales success by making an investment in your business.

Leadership Mindset With Dana Wilde

Listen to Dana Wilde on the Cash Flow Show Radio and learn how to develop the leadership mindset so your team grows quickly.

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