"Attitude Is Everything" Posts

Incorporate these entrepreneur success tips into your direct sales business with the attitude of a professional.

Encourage Team Collaboration For The Good Of All

Learn how to encourage team collaboration so that they work together as a group and become high performers. Encouraging collaboration is a leader's job.

Professionalism Is Not About Time!

Whether you work part-time, full-time or hobbyist schedule when you work your home party business with professionalism you will get a consistent paycheck.

Laugh At Sales Bloopers!

norma miniaci
Sales bloopers happen but Norma Miniaci still kicked her first party off with a bang and went on to a successful business! Read funny story!

Always Use The Positive Spin!

Jennifer Strohmaier puts a positive spin on an unfortunate situation. Read the funny story and listen to the radio show broadcast about the funny story.

Overcome Challenges – Strive For Skill

Overcome Challenges by creating an affirmation around it. Seek acceptance rather than patience. Use the solution to overcome the challenge!