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Anne Howie

Anne Howie, based in New Zealand, is a speaker, trainer and author who has 15 years of party plan success history and was one of the top achievers in her company internationally.

Whether success to you is paying some bills, buying a new outfit, going on a holiday or building a business empire, Anne Howie can help.

She is sensible, down to earth and has real action-based steps.

Anne Howie, Party Plan Trainer Says:

guest bloggerWhy am I not achieving my goals?

We’ve all done it, I’m sure: set some great goals for our business, got all excited when we visualized it happening, wrote out an end date and action plan and set to work, feeling like we were on fire.

We did all the right things – all the things “the books” tell us to do to make our dreams come true.

Then weeks later, when according to our plan we should have been enjoying the fruits of our success, there we are again rewriting the same goals and making a new action plan.

We didn’t quite make it that time, we say (anyway, it wasn’t our fault – it was circumstances), but we WILL this time! There are people who have been making the same goals in their businesses for literally years – and are still no closer to them. I have even experienced exactly this myself!

This is frustrating and demoralizing and it’s a cycle that’s hard to break unless you can work out what’s going wrong.

So, what is going wrong?

Realistic Party Plan Goals

party plan expertAs much as it’s important to be excited about our party plan business and positive about our goals, I believe we also need to be realistic about what is pulling us away from achieving them.

As a farmer has a plan for the insects, disease and weather that may affect crops before they ever happen, so do we need a plan for the problems, challenges and circumstances that may affect us reaching our goals.

You won’t hear a farmer say “Well, that’s a shame that the frosts killed the crop.

I’ll just have to try again next year.” The farmer has a plan that can be activated when needed. There isn’t next year, there is only now.

We need to cultivate the same mind-set with achieving our goals. We need to identify all possible threats, and create a plan that can be activated if needed.

If you think back over some of the goals that were important to you that you failed to reach, what were the main reasons for not achieving them? Illness (yours or a family member), unsupportive spouse, difficulties with children, inability to book or recruit, time management, mind-set, handling personality clashes, or any of many more reasons why you were unable to reach your goals.

goals for successIf the goal is really important to you, you owe it to yourself to keep working towards it despite the obstacles that appear in your path. Otherwise you end up with some great reasons (or excuses) why it didn’t work out. The net result is still that you did not achieve something that is very important to you.

Whatever has stopped you in the past is very likely to rear its head again in the future – but this time you can be prepared. Once you know what the threats are you can deal with them.

Take a piece of paper and work out your threats, then think about what you could have done differently last time you experienced this challenge. What could you possibly have done to be able to overcome them and manage to achieve the goals that are so important to you?

You might experience some resistance as you start this: “I couldn’t have done anything; it wasn’t my fault that … happened.” But you’ll find that if you really start digging there will have been things you could have done to stay on track.

From this, what will you do next time? How will you identify that the threat is taking hold? What specific actions will you take to stop it or reduce its effects on you?

Once you have a good contingency plan, it’s time to get back to your action plan to work on making your goals and dreams reality. As soon as you see the threat appear it’s time to jump into your emergency action plan and not let it spoil your vision for the future.

Just like the farmer you need to bring in the harvest, no matter what.

How amazing will it feel to know you didn’t let the obstacles stop you from reaching the goal that is so important to you and may well also mean a very positive change for your family?

Achieve Business Success

Taking the time to think about the obstacles make your contingency plan will ensure that you do achieve business success.

In going through the process you will grow beyond belief and will quite rightly feel that you really can do anything you set your mind to.

Imagine one day standing on stage speaking to your colleagues about how you overcame these challenges and how your life has improved beyond measure as a result. You will be an inspiration and you will help other people who are stuck in this rut of routinely setting the same goals that they struggle to achieve.

Overcoming these challenges will be a major triumph and an important part of your own personal story.

Anne Howie, New Zealand Party Plan Training

Anne Howie brings party plan tips to consultants throughout New Zealand and Australia in a live presentations on a regular basis.

She helps people create lives they love using party plan as their vehicle. She works to make sure that you grow your business successfully, with a minimum of stress and a maximum of excitement.

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