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Leadership Attitude: Be A Leader Not A Needer!

Posted by Deb Bixler

The Power Up For Professional Results is a direct sales and marketing program that teaches direct sales consultants how to create a viable income working from home.

Whether you want full time, part time or just a bit extra money it is a system of leadership attitudes and business practices that lead to success.

The following is just a small part of the program concepts.

Leadership Attitude

Do You Have The Leadership Attitude – Or Are You A Needer?

It’s a personal choice. What is your direct sales business attitude?

Do you need people to do business with you or do you run a success focused business?

  • Leaders know that they are a success with or without the person standing in front of the
  • Needers, on the other hand, are always in a needy position.

We all bounce back and forth between the two sides. Where do you reside more often?

Sales Need-ers VS Sales Leaders

Sales leaders have an entirely different attitude than a consultant who always NEEDs sales!

The list below shows you the difference in a need based attitude VS a professional leadership attitude.

Needers VS Leaders
Convince VS Qualify
Persuade VS Sort
Tell people it’s easy VS Tell people it takes effortt
Trick VS Attract
Live in fear VS Have faith
Worry about competition VS Collaborate with competitors
Have excuses VS Have reasons
Say I can’t! VS Ask how can I?
Work VS Create/focus
Say but… VS Say, yes and…
Recruit VS Sponsor or share
TV VS Education

Professional Leadership Attitude

attitude of a leaderDo you have a professional leadership attitude?

Where do you spend most of your time?

Think about it.

We all operate on both sides of the fence so where do you spend most of your time?

Are you leaning more toward the needy side or the leader’s side?

Success is an attitude.

If you are constantly struggling with your business, maybe you deserve to reconsider your focus and create an attitude adjustment for yourself. Move your thoughts and actions to the success based side of life and change your “luck”.

Your attitude is a choice!

You can change your attitude anytime you want!

  • YOU are in control of your “ATTITUDE”
  • YOU are in control of your achievements.
  • YOU are in control of your earnings.
  • YOU are in control of your business.
  • YOU are in control of your success.

Attitude Of A Leader

Do you feel needy?

Maybe you just need some lead generations systems so that you do not have to depend on friends and family.

The direct sales and marketing program, Power UP For Professional Results is a system for marketing a direct sales business that brings you professional results.

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8 Responses to “Leadership Attitude: Be A Leader Not A Needer!”

    Shared by: Tami Thompson:

    Phyllis always does such a good job of lining up amazing training for her team. Deb, your audios were no different. I also appreciate these little nuggets of wisdom from your articles.

    Shared by: Janette Stoll:

    Awesome article, Deb. It is all up to you. Thoughts become things and we all have the power to choose our thoughts which leads to our actions. It’s incredibly empowering so take control of your thoughts and change your life and then do all the things outlined in this article.

    Janette Stoll

    Shared by: Leigh Anne Williamson:

    I like this article alot. For twenty years, I worked as a cosmetologist. I love that industry. It gave me the opportunity to work intimately with people, and positively impact their lives. For various health reasons, I had to step out from behind the chair. I used to have a nice, noticable, ledgeable sign right beside my floor to ceiling mirror. It read…”Negativity is based on the sign of the minus – , meaning to take away. Positivity is based on the sign of the plus +, meaning to add to.” I would elaborate on that briefly, but directly. Most clients can tell you what is wrong or what they don’t like, but have a really hard time telling you what is right, or what they have that is worth bringing attention to. I know I want to ADD to my life that which will enrichen my journey here, not take away from it. I recently became a Thirty-One consultant and now have the opportunity to become positively involved with people again. Their philosophy drew me. “Celebrate, Encourage, Reward” This doesn’t focus on me, but on my customers, hostesses, team. I don’t want my life in the red, I wanna be in the black. So if I can add good to someone’s life, It’s sure to come back. We always reap what we sow.

    Shared by: Margaret Crowley:

    LOVED this article, I need to read this daily to keep myself in the right frame of mind! I always get positive motivation from my Manager Phyllis (Thirty One Gifts) so this just re-inforces it. Again, very good article on motivation!

    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    Great article, Deb. My glass is OVER-FLOWING! :) One of my favorite sayings is, “Become the leader you would follow.” (Nicki Keohohou,CEO and Cofounder of the DSWA) Just imagine if we (in direct sales/party plan) would all do that? WOW!

    Shared by: Laura Moody:

    This is a great article and had reinforced what we talked about on our 31Gifts call with Phyllis. Thanks so much for your information it has been extremely helpful.

    Shared by: Janette Stoll:

    Hi Merilyn (and Deb),

    Great tips! I love the success leadership qualities. The success of your direct sales business is YOU.


    Shared by: Dr. Steve Taubman:

    Hey Deb,
    Great article. It reminds me of what I often say; You win the game in your head before you ever win it on the field!

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