Steve Taubman: How To Deal With Stress

Dr. Steve Taubman, physician, magician, hypnotist, author, speaker, coach and generally just a nice guy –  is the master of mindset!

As our guest this week on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio he shared techniques and tips to help deal with holiday stress!

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Tips For Stress

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Dr Steve Taubman’s Tips To Deal With Stress

Dr Steve TaubmanThe power of wonder is a not often researched topic.

Several topics which lead up to wonder that have been researched extensively are curiosity, awe and mindfulness (which is awareness plus acceptance).

Wonder is child-like experiences in life that can help you deal with stress!

Make a commitment to seek wonder and you will reduce your level of anxiety and enjoy the holidays more.

Our minds crave novelty so:

  1. Choose to look for wonder: In all your activities look for things to be in awe of.
  2. Correct inertia: When your mind drifts off into stress correct it, come back to being mindful of what you are doing NOW!
  3. Practice: Practice a focus on the now so that even small mundane tasks can be cherished.

Steve Taubman – Broadcasting Through 12/22/15

In the balance of the show, Steve shares more on meditation and energizing yourself to deal with stress better so that you will enjoy the holidays more!

Each CFS Radio show broadcasts at a different time each day for 2 weeks to meet the schedules of our worldwide audience.  Visit the home business radio page for times, to listen or to get the wsRadio mobile app.

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