Learn Qualities Of A Good Networker

At a recent seminar I was asked ‘What are the qualities of a good networker? What makes a good networker?”

The short answer… look for new friends!

The Business Network International, the world’s largest networking referral organization, lists 7 qualities of a good networker.

Qualities Of A Good Networker

7 Qualities Of A Good Networker

According to BNI  they are – in this order:

  1. Good Listener: Use the 10 second rule to become good at this one!
  2. Positive attitude: Contagious enthusiasm is the key!
  3. Seek to Help others: Sales means to serve so with a focus on helping others you will be an awesome sales professional!
  4. Sincere/Authentic: If you are only in it for yourself, they will see through you!
  5. Follow up: If you do not follow up within 24-48 hours the lead is lost!
  6. Trustworthy: Personally, I think integrity should be first on the list!
  7. Approachable: Are people comfortable walking up to you and talking?

No one is born a good networker.

It is a skill that you can develop. Becoming an effective networker takes time, patience, acceptance and and understanding that you are not trying to GET people to do anything.

Your goal is friendship.

Instead of seeking out business relationships go for friendships. The more friends you have the more business (long term) will come your way.

When you are a good listener, with a positive attitude sincerely seeking friendships, you will find people who are helped by your services. When you follow up quickly and people feel good about working with you, your business will thrive.

Focus on friendship and develop the skills of a great networker and it will pay off!


    Shared by: JOY ASHE:

    Thanks Deb for the reminders. I practiced them all for years, but have lost my way. Somewhere in the 20 plus years of Marketing, I’ve lost my MOJO. for Sales. I believe it’s from not practicing these principles. Thanks again for sharing.

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