Your Greatest Business Asset!

What is your greatest business asset?

You may be surprised at what I am going to say next but…..

Your Greatest Business Asset Is Health!

Your most important business asset is your health and you should treat it as such!
Without your health you have nothing!

This is a recent testimonial to the effects of your health on your business:

Dana Wilde
I’ve recently made a few healthy changes to my eating habits.

As a result I’m more convinced than ever that healthy living and wealth building go hand-in-hand.

When you eat right and exercise, you feel better, you have more energy, and you make more money.

It is really as simple as that. Keep up the good work, Deb! You’re bringing a powerful message to the world with your healthy living program!

Dana Wilde, The MindAware

Definition Of Asset

According to the dictionary the definition of an asset is:

  1. an economic resource, or something of value.
  2. in business an asset is something possessed by a business entity from which future economic benefits may be obtained

Why is it that many do not treat their health as an asset when it can clearly generate future economic benefits?greatest business asset

  • Too busy?
  • Can’t afford to?
  • No time?
  • Later?

No Time To Invest In Health?

Well, you either put time into your health now, or later.

If you do not prioritize your health assets now, then they will take the time away from your life later!

Often times people tell me that they can not afford to buy better quality foods.

I do understand that there are financial restrictions for many and yet in most modern societies there are always choices that can be made to free up some cash.

Choose Your Priorities

Most Americans, Australians, Canadians, Japanese and other nationalities who are living in an industrialized nation can choose to have a TV or not, have cable or not, have a cell phone or not, drive a new car or an old car, etc.

The choices we make go on indefinitely.

Frequently we prioritize something¬† and place its value above our ¬†health or our families’ health. (Not necessarily consciously.)

I often teach cooking to young middle class, busy Moms.

When they say they can not afford good food I often ask “are you saving for your children’s college education?” (Most are!)

If so, then I recommend that you cut back on that a little bit and invest it into the family food budget.

Don’t you think your kids would rather graduate from college healthy than debt-free?

  • What good is a college education if you do not have your health?
  • What good is a successful home business without your health?

Protect Your Greatest Business Asset

The 21st century is a pretty fast-paced environment and yet there are always choices you can make that allow you to prioritize your health and protect your best direct sales business asset.

Remember that NOT deciding to do something IS making a decision!!

Not taking care of your greatest asset is just a plain foolish business practice.

*FYI – Deb is a trained chef and culinary graduate who teaches healthy lifestyle education and guides people in weight loss, in addition to providing sales training.


    Shared by: Hubert:

    Deb, Thanks for sharing this information. You are right, health is wealth. As old cliche goes ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

    Shared by: Dana Wilde:

    Thanks for the shout out, Deb, and I stand by that statement. When you feel good, you make money.

    Period. Keep up all of the your great work!

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