Solve Unsupportive Spouse Problem!

A new Cash Flow Show raving fan just sent me an email asking “How does one deal with an unsupportive spouse?”

As I typed out my reply to her I decided that this is a great topic for a blog post!

Is Your Partner Supportive Of Your Business?

If your husband or wife is not supportive of your home party plan business, it is not good!
unsupportive spouse

Profit = Supportive Spouse

Chances are if you are making money your spouse will be supportive.

Having said that though, I realize that it really is not that simple!

If your spouse is unsupportive, chances are you may not stick with it long enough to make a profit.

How To Start Communicating With Your Spouse

Since your party business takes place in the home it will impact everyone who lives there, so communication is key to success.

Chances are you have already tried that and did not get very far or it did not go well! Here are some tips to improve spousal support:

  1. Ask what she/he is really concerned about.
  2. Practice the 10 second rule.
  3. Share how you feel, not what you think.
  4. Think about how can you alleviate the real concern of your spouse.
  5. Negotiate a solution to the real concern.

Legitimate Concern About Spouse In Business

We could guess what your spouse’s real concern is and then throw out a bunch of solutions but chances are that would not be dealing with the real problem.

What is his/her REAL concerns?

My guess is that they will be legitimate and most likely will not the first thing that s/he tells you when you ask.

Listen to the answer and then share for only 10 seconds and ask another question…. repeat over and over again —  forever! That is the only way you will get to the real concern.

Plan your conversation by thinking about how you really feel….

Are you lonely, scared, feeling unsupported, fearful, nervous, unhappy….. Then tell them and end it in a question like this:

  • I am really excited about MyFantasticCompany business and the potential it has for us and am feeling scared that I do not have your support.
    What is it that concerns you about me and MyFantasticCompany business?

Do not put any responsibility on them.

No one can argue with your feelings.  Try to refer to the business and the results of the business as a family or joint endeavor (our business, when we earn the trip, our profit will…)

Unsupportive Spouse? Why?

Unsupportive SpouseWhen you practice that scenario over and over again you will be able to find out the real reason why your spouse does not support your home party plan business. 

When you get to the real concern you can address it and work out a solution.

Without your spouse’s support you will always feel like you are being knocked down on your path to success!

The Key To Getting Spouse Business Support

The key to your spouse’s support of your home business will come with patience and acceptance.

  • Give your partner time, be patient, practice the 10 second rule and make a profit!

Please Share Your Tips For Getting Support From A Spouse Or Partner In The Comments Below!!


    Shared by: Jennifer Soto:

    I think it’s really important that you don’t constantly complain about your frustrations or disappointments to your spouse. Men (in particular) like to fix things. When all he hears is complaining, then he wants to fix it and the easiest way to fix it is to tell you to stop. Complaining also creates a negativity surrounding your business. I think the “show me the money” is covered well enough and is VERY important – most Direct Sales businesses are designed for low investment and high return. There is no need to spend, spend, spend to make money. Make money, then spend. Earn free incentives. And as with “show me the money,” communication is super important. Ask your spouse what they see coming from your business. Make a plan and set goals together. Let your spouse know what is important to you. Share happy stories and successes!

    Shared by: Betsy Jennings:

    I have since signed up with 2 directs sales companies. It has not gone well with my husband. I am also a Life Coach and realy feel that all 3 business will compliment each other when it is feast or famine time. It sure is all about SHOW ME THE MONEY. I will continue to work hard at all 3 and be able to SHOW HIM THE MONEY !

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    Continual communication with your spouse can make all the difference. I was lucky enough to have an extremely supportive husband when I started, but then he’s supportive of most of what I do, but I also came home and talked with him about parties, how much I earned tonight, etc. He saw how energized and how much fun I was having that he found a direct sales company aimed at men and signed up. I have also included him in all my business decisions, so we really do operate as a team, sort of like the CEO and the CFO.

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