Make January An Awesome Month!

Your business may already be good in January so just insert any month you need to improve on and use the same plan that we discuss on the radio show excerpt below.

Don’t let your attitude affect your volume of business in any particular month.¬† January or even December can be just as good as May or October when you choose to make it so.

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Have A GREAT Business In January!

I started my party plan business in February of 2000 and by January of the following year business was booming and I had quit my full time job. I was depending entirely on my commissions from direct selling for the total household income.

Everyone told me that January would be bad and guess what? It was TERRIBLE!

I could not pay my bills!

That was not good, I mean not good in a big way not good!

Since then I have learned that there are certain things you can do to guarantee a consistent year round business.

Plan For The BEST January (Or Any Month)

I made  a plan. My plan was that January would be the BEST month every year!

This is the plan:

  1. Reserve January ONLY for past hosts.
  2. Have a snow date.
  3. Constantly remind everyone all year why January IS the best month of the year for a home party.
  4. Over compensate by scheduling enough shows to cover any cancellations.
  5. Provide great value!
  6. Make it REALLY easy to hold a January show.
  7. Always make sure that your calendar is full (SOLD OUT) before Thanksgiving.
  8. Host Coach for all of the January dates the first week of December.
  9. Stay in touch personally with cards, providing holiday tips, etc. over the holidays so that they do not forget about the show.
  10. Host coach again between December 26th – 31.

Cash Flow Show ClubWith this system in place January will be ROCK solid!

Any month can be the BEST month of the year to host a show when you make a plan.

The Cash Flow Show Direct Selling Training Club gets all the radio shows via download within 48 hours!

When you make a decision that every month is a great month to host a party, then it will be!

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