Do You Have Willingness?

On the CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio (listen to the first set below) I said that if you do not have enough bookings there are only 3 possible problems:

  • You do not know where to find business.
  • You do not have the skills to close the deal/schedule the business or booking.
  • You are not willing to go out and find business.

Have Willingness
After getting an overwhelming response to my survey on bookings as well as several emails today that indicated that many home party plan consultants do not have willingness to go out and get bookings I decided to do a bit of research on willingness.

What Exactly Is Willingness?

If you do a quick search on Google about “what is willingness?” the answers are somewhat vague.

There does not seem to be a clear cut definition nor any articles that make sense on what willingness really is!

The dictionaries and expert articles are all over the map regarding willingness ranging from “cheerful compliance” to “cosmic duty” and everything in between.

This excerpt was part of a 2013 broadcast. Visit the radio show page to tune into a current show.

Wiki Answers Definition Of Willingness

Actually, I like the Wiki Answers’ definition of willingness best:

“Willingness is an attitude. It is a true desire to improve yourself and to be effective. It inspires and helps progress.”

Rob Grellman, Psy. D

Rib Grellman’s answer is interesting too. Basically he is saying that willingness and acceptance are the same thing:

“Willing is one of the older words in the English language. It comes from an ancient root meaning “to choose.” Thus “acceptance” and “willingness” can be understood as an answer to this question: “Will you take me in as I am?”

Deb Bixler’s Definition Of Willingness

Willingness is playing your part, as best you can, with what you have at this moment in time.

Willingness is a commitment to actively participate in your part of the process and allow the world to be what it is no matter what happens.

Willingness is bringing the attitude of participation to your life or your business.

Willing To Go To Any Length To Find Party Bookings?

The Direct Selling Training Club includes the Bookings University which starts with teaching you how to have willingness to take action!

Obviously willingness is an attitude that you must have to succeed whether it is finding bookings, climbing a mountain or playing baseball.

  • Let’s Play Ball:

When you go to a batting cage where a machine is throwing balls at you in order to hit the ball you must keep your eye on it, focus on it and give it your best swing. If you get mad, cry, allow anger to pop up and just stand there…. BAM you get hit with a fast ball!

If you just stand there you will not hit any balls. If you ignore the ball it does not stop coming. Willingness is taking your best swing at the ball and with enough swings (practice) you will get better and start hitting more balls. If you get mad at the machine, it does not make it any better!

  • Let’s Find Home Party Bookings:

When you joined your party plan business you knew you had to schedule home parties. In order to do so you must ask people.

If you get a few nos and get mad and start crying your calendar does not fill up. If you do nothing and make no efforts then any shows you do have will not generate any bookings.

Willingness is doing the best you can, trying new techniques and with practice you will get better and start scheduling more shows.

If you get mad at your family, friends, upline, or coach it is not going to help any.

No one will schedule a show with an angry unwilling consultant. They can feel your negativity even if you think they can not.

For now though think about it….

Where do you need to focus your efforts in order to succeed?

  • Finding New Lead Sources
  • Developing Your Skills
  • Becoming More Willing To Do What It Takes

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