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How To Qualify Leads At Expos

qualify leads at fairs and expos
Learn how to qualify leads so that you bring home real business leads from fairs and expos rather than a bunch of contacts that never answer their phone.

The Million Dollar Party Girl

Lynn Bardowski
The Million Dollar Party Girl and Deb Bixler both quit their full time corporate job to transition into the party plan business. Listen to them on the radio share lead generation tips.

The Objection Crusher: 3 S System

Objection Crusher
Home party consultants will get more bookings at every party when they incorporate Tim Wilson's 3 S Objection Crusher technique into business.

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Biz

how to market business on halloween
Learn how to market business on Halloween to trick or treaters and grow your home business. Techniques to get your name into new households!

Dawn Pratt: Love What You Do! Have Fun!

On the radio with Dawn Pratt. Learn how to make both live and online parties FUN with these simple ideas.

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