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Getting Started In Public Speaking For Sales Leads

Lead Generation direct sales
Learn how to get started in public speaking! Getting started in public speaking is simple. Great way to generate leads for business!

Pink Zebra Rep Leslie Adderhold

Pink Zebra
Pink Zebra distributor Leslie Adderhold conducts the 3-4-5 party for those who are too busy to hold a home party. Learn how to add this additional stream of income into your home business!

Texting Parties With Kayla McGee

Texting Parties are a simple way to add additional cash flow to your home party plan business. Appeal to different types of people by offering different types of parties and events to increase bookings.

Direct Selling Tax Deductions Saves $

How To Pick A Tax Accountant
Learn to use direct selling tax deductions to create more money in your home and grow your business. Don't leave money on the table!

Janice Cherlet & The Bookings Mindset

Janice Cherlet
When you have the bookings mindset you will find more bookings at every party. Listen to Janice Cherlet and get more bookings at every event.

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