"Booking Tips" Posts

Learn booking tips for home business consultants. A new home party plan bookings tip rolls out each week. Take action to fill Your Calendar now!

Use Tear Off Flyers & Find Bookings!

tear off flyer
Tear off fliers offering free samples will generate bookings for your home party business! See sample of tear off flyer for pull tab marketing campaign.

Door Knob Marketing For Bookings

door knob marketing
A campaign for door knob marketing can keep your business strong by moving you into new neighborhoods. Create door knob hanging cards with a special offer and start hanging!

How To Get Bookings When You Have None

how to get bookings when you have none
The top question we get is How To Get Bookings When You Have None! Read the answer here, take action and solve your problem for ever!

Host Tailgate Parties: Tip #44

Host tailgate parties for business leads this Summer. A tailgate party is fun! Take your business with you this Summer and have some fun and sales!

Dawn Pratt: Simplifying Life = Fun!

On the radio with Dawn Pratt. Learn how to make both live and online parties FUN with these simple ideas.

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