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Live Stream Facebook For Bookings

Live Stream Facebook
Live Stream Facebook videos are the newest-latest way to get bookings. Listen to Cash Flow Show Radio and learn how to start booking online leads.

Get Leads In Business Networking Groups

Robin Corbin shares how to get results networking at business networking groups. Learn the 5 do's and 5 don'ts of networking to get results!

I’m Too Busy (An Excuse)

too busy
Learn why your customers say I am too busy to host a party so that you can solve the problem and get more bookings at every show!

Party Is The Shop Window – Catalog Is The Store

the shop window
A home party is just the shop window to create desire for future shows. They will book a party so you bring an item they want to see to the next sho.

Take Your Kids To Work And Get Bookings

When you Take Your Kids To Work you will get more home party plan bookings because it is cute and people love kids! TV commercials sell more so why not you?!