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Learn booking tips for home business consultants. A new home party plan bookings tip rolls out each week. Take action to fill Your Calendar now!

Start A Welcome Wagon For Bookings

Listen to Linda Rennie share on how to start a Welcome Wagon to find new bookings for your party plan business. Greet the neighbors and get bookings!

Organize Parking Lot Trunk Show

When you need leads hold a parking lot trunk show. You are guaranteed to meet new friends and find bookings. The trunk show business lead generator works!

Find Business Tip: Gift Giving Service

find business tip
Use this find business tip to fill your calendar. Not a get rich quick scheme but a way to have a solid business long term by being a gift giving service.

Write An E-Book For Bookings

Learn how you can get more bookings when you write an e-book - create a viral e-book to share with your clients. Download Style With Jewelry E-Handbook.

Plan A Ladies Night Out

A church ladies night out is a great way to find new bookings for your home party business. Suggest hosting one at your club, church or synagogue.

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