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Booking tips for home business consultant. A new booking tip rolls out each week.

A Lead Book For Networking

Learn More About Lead Books
This lead book makes it easy to gather contact information from people you meet. Run a weekly/monthly drawing as leverage to gather contact info.

Thank You For Coming To Our Party = Bookings

thank you for coming
30% of those you call to say thank you for coming to our event will book a party! Learn how to make a habit of tapping into thank you phone calls for bookings!

Buy Leads… NO! Get Them FREE!

direct sales leads
Many direct sellers buy leads but that is not necessary when you can access public records and get local leads in your community!

Use The 3 Foot Rule For Leads

The 3 Foot Rule For Leads
When you use the 3 foot rule to start conversations you will find leads while you run errands. Listen to the radio & make it work for you in 3 minutes per lead!

Birthday Coupons For Bookings

birthday coupons
Take advantage of the free PR when wishing your friends in Facebook happy birthday with these custom birthday coupons. Find online & offline parties!

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