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Learn booking tips for home business consultants. A new home party plan bookings tip rolls out each week. Take action to fill Your Calendar now!

Host Coaching For Bookings

Host Coaching For Bookings by focusing on number in attendance, diverse guests, the fun factor and creating desire. Learn how to always get 3+ bookings.

Fall Party Themes A – Z List

Fall party themes from A - Z will help fill your party plan calendar. Pick from 26 different theme ideas to create urgency in your party calendar.

Tip #105 For Bookings – Children Marketing

Children marketing your party plan business for you can be very effective due to their total lack of restraint! Learn how to get new business!

7 Types Of Leads You Meet At Expos

Being able to recognize the different types of leads at an event will allow you to qualify them and follow up quickly for more success! Read more!

Radio Show The Avenue Of Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings
Deb Bixler shares how you can use The Avenue Of Bookings to fill your calendar by appealing to more personalities with different home party formats.

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