Birthday Coupons For Bookings

Everyone is socializing online and we are all wishing people happy birthday when Facebook tells us to so why not capitalize on all that FREE publicity by sharing birthday coupons!

Watching your Facebook wall on your birthday is a full time job! Trust me I know!

Birthday Coupons For Bookings

Our bookings tip #54 out of the now 87 ways to find direct sales bookings outside the show setting is to share 2 Facebook (or Google+) birthday coupons every day for the rest of your life!

Create your own custom birthday greetings to use in social site and leverage your social media efforts!

birthday couponThink about it…

If your friends are average they have a couple hundred friends.

If only 10% of them see your birthday banner and you wish 2 people a birthday greeting every day then your ‘billboard’ is seen by 14,000+ people a year!

FREE advertising doesn’t get any better than that!

Your coupon should include:

  • Big and bold birthday greeting
  • The gift
  • The discount and coupon code if possible
  • The website
  • How they redeem it
  • Your contact info and qualifiers
  • The coupon upsell to generate bookings

Customized Birthday Coupons

Deb will customize a birthday coupon for you using the above image.

Get A FREE Gift Certificate Made

Share your birthday greetings with a coupon gift that has an upsell and I bet you will get bookings for both online and offline parties.

You definitely should make each birthday gift ‘transferable’ so that the friends of your friend realize that they can take advantage of the birthday gift too!

If only 1 person per year takes advantage of your offer it is worth it, but I would put money on it that the results would be greater than that!

Once you create your birthday coupon you can either customize for each person in your computer’s photo editor or a smartphone app such as PicArts or you can create a general birthday greeting and just personalize your greeting within the update itself.

Just click here to create YOUR birthday gift certificate image!


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