Bring Cookies To Get Bookings

My upline used to always tell me that one of the best ways of getting bookings, recruits, sales or to just make connections was to bring cookies.

When you bring cookies you always get what you want, so this week’s booking tip #36 in our list of now over 80 ways to find direct sales bookings is to bring cookies everywhere you go!

I have written on this direct sales marketing technique previously after reading Seth Godin’s book, The Purple Cow¬† – except in that article I brought chocolate truffles!

Bring Cookies To Get What You Want!

Bring Cookies To Get What You WantThe Law Of Reciprocity is a powerful force that works without us realizing that we are influenced by it!

This does not mean that if you bring cookies and then immediately ask for a party or a booking that you will get a booking.

When you bring cookies the the Law Of Reciprocity is put into motion but you still need to work the lead or the opportunity as you normally would.

By bringing cookies you are improving the likelihood of a favorable outcome!

Many of the find direct sales booking ideas found in our complete list would be greatly enhanced with a plate of cookies!

Examples Of How To Use The “Bring Cookies” Booking Technique

There are a lot of opportunities where this will be really effective.

  • A meeting with a group to discuss using your company for their fundraiser event.
  • Going to a new hair salon and asking them if you could set up a display.
  • Visiting the local community center to ask if you could do a demo.
  • Cold calling on a business to see if they would like to have a ‘Pamper The Employees’ day with your products and services.
  • Dropping in on bridal centers or stores to see if they have or need a go-to person to recommend to their clients for bridal showers

Those are only a few ways that the ‘bring cookies’ concept can be applied.

You still need to practice the secret to more yeses and develop a rapport while making your pitch but those yummy cookies will (subconsciously) create a desire for them to return the favor!

While there is no guarantee that cookies get a booking, I can personally say that this works!!

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