Find Business At Community Yard Sale

This weekend it was the neighborhood yard sales days. It was a perfect networking opportunity to get out, talk to the neighbors and find local business at community yard sale participants booths!

Whether you are setting up your own displays or just visiting the neighbor’s, there are a lot of people open to chatting!

There were literally thousands of people that I did not know who are walking up and down our streets and talking to everyone who is willing to talk to them.

Set Up A Business Table On Yard Sale Days

Why not include a yard sale business table display with your yard sale items and promote your business at community yard sale days to all those new passersby?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not going to fill your calendar – but it is a great time to meet new people!

Using yard sales days as a way to meet new people is just one of many direct sales booking tips to incorporate into your business.

The goal is not to give out 50 fliers in a day to everyone that walks by.  The goal is to create friendships!

If you try to put a flier in everyone’s hand and get contact information by the end of the day you will be gritting your teeth: ggrrrrr….

The 10 Second Rule!

Share for 10 seconds or less and end in a question!

When you practice the 10 second rule and the secret to more yeses, you will build relationships and find needs that you can serve.

This is how you qualify potential leads. Everyone is not a lead!

If you had a reason to provide them a service then it should be easy to ask for their contact info.

Think About This: Community Yard Sale, The Bank, At The Store….

  • If you were at the grocery store and a real estate agent stuck their card or flier in your hand how would you feel?
  • If you were at a yard sale and a car dealer agent stuck their card or flier in your hand and asked you for contact info – would you give it to them?

Would you give them your contact info? Probably not!

It is important to develop a relationship first.  Stop trying to GET them to take your information and start making friends!!!

Don’t Spam Your Business At Yard Sale Days

When you have a conversation using the 10 second rule, you will have a better chance of finding some that you can serve them with. If there is no reason to give them a brochure then it is nothing more than spam.

If they truly had an interest and took your flier, then just ask for the contact information.

Treat Community Yard Sale Like A Vendor Event

Treat your neighborhood yard sales like a vendor event.  Like a vendor event, when you market your business at yard sales days you may want to have a prize drawing. Everyone loves to enter drawings and it is an easy way to get contact information.

Just be sure to learn how to qualify leads so that you do not end up with too many uninterested parties!

Network with the vendors and network with those visiting your yard sale. When you treat the day as if it was any other vendor event you will find business at community yard sales!

Use a prize drawing slip that is short and to the point but don’t give them out unless you have a conversation.

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