Business Holiday Greeting Cards

One reason that I love to brand my holiday cards is that everything that is related to sending business holiday greeting cards is an income tax deduction.

This home party plan bookings tip (#25) is a discreet way to remind your holiday card list that you have a home business and are proud of it.

business holiday greeting cards

I always order custom cards that relate to food (I am a chef), then put my business logo on the back. A simple reminder!

Business Holiday Greeting Cards

There are many ways to personalize your business holiday greeting cards.

Companies like Send Out Cards and Scentsy provide customized greeting cards for their members on a pay as you create them system.

I ordered this card and a variety of others at Zazzle. You can customize the inside and back of any greeting card that they sell at no charge.  The more you buy of each style, the cheaper they are.

Holiday Cards For Business Not Crossing Line!

Don’t feel that adding your business logo to the back of your holiday card is crossing the line. You are not pushing your business on people.

Quite to the contrary….

I often hear complimentary comments on the holiday cards that I send.  I am told that they look so professional and people love the uniqueness!

Sending out your personal greeting cards with a professional branded image on the back just indicates to your family and friends that you are serious about business.

Sending them to business collaborators shows you are a professional.

What the heck… you might as well take the tax deduction too!


    Shared by: Jennifer Shubert:

    Awesome, Idea I will have to try this

    Shared by: Belinda:

    Deb –

    Thank you for the tip … I never thought about this being a business expense!

    Thank you for the chance to win the iPad Mini!


    Shared by: Iryna Kohut:

    I love using my Send Out Cards for its free contact manager that reminds me to send my birthday and anniversary cards by sending me an email.

    Shared by: Karen Whitney:

    I use SendOutCards for my business. Not only do I send cards to my customers but to my team as well. My customers get birthday, anniversary and cards with tips or specials. My team gets the same plus recognition cards too.

    With SOC you can customize the cards with your own pictures or pictures of your customer/team. What a GREAT way to keep in touch with everyone.

    You can go to my website and send a card for FREE to see how easy they are to use and what great quality they are.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I love getting a Send Out card. It can be a great way for business people to customize cards for their clients!

    Shared by: Linda Sturdivant:

    Love this idea, Deb. Most of us send Christmas or Holiday cards anyway.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Linda – I have fun with them every year!!

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