Get Leads In Business Networking Groups

Robin Corbin, Independent Consultant/Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne International, is our guest on this Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

She shared the do’s and don’ts for finding leads at business networking groups.

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Business Networking Group Don’ts:

Going to business networking groups for leads is #30 on our list of direct sales bookings ideas.

  1. Don’t Go With The Wrong Mindset – If you are desperate it is pointless.
  2. The Wrong Mindset #2 – If you go to get rather than to give, it won’t work.
  3. Don’t Take A Friend – Seems like a good idea – right? Wrong!
  4. Don’t Be Disorganized & Unprepared – Have a plan and take notes!
  5. It’s NOT a numbers game – The key is quality not quantity.

DO’s For Business Networking Groups:

Business networking groups can be a gold mine for your business! Get out your shovel, make a plan and come dig for great leads with me!

  1. Have The Right Mindset – Seek to serve.
  2. The Right Mindset #2 – Expect the best results.
  3. Pick Your Group – Find one or two groups to build relationships in.
  4. Be Interested, Not Interesting – Everyone’s favorite topic of discussion is themselves.
  5. When Appropriate Ask for Help and Be Specific – Paint a picture of exactly who you are looking for.
Robin Corbin
If I am going to take the time to fix my hair and put on makeup and go to a networking event, I don’t want to waste the effort – or the makeup!
Robin Corbin, Independent Consultant Arbonne

Robin is a wife, mom, health nut and entrepreneur! She spent 20 years in public relations and worked her way up the corporate ladder but got tired of having a boss, fighting traffic and more importantly – never seeing her family and never getting ahead.

After discovering Arbonne International, Robin has been driving the company car – a white Mercedes Benz – for the last 10 ½ years.


    Shared by: Janet Barclay:

    These are great tips! I once attended an event at the Chamber of Commerce, and the organizer challenged us to collect business cards for 10 people. I thought that was pointless. I’d much rather have good conversations with one or two people than a bunch of quick chats with 10!

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