Network: Know Next Dates Available!

This week on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio we are talking about filling your January calendar.

The first step in that is to know the next 3 dates available that you want to fill!

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How To Train Bookings

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Know The Next Dates Available!

By mentally preparing for your networking this holiday season and always knowing your 3 next business dates open you will be more proactive.

This is something that you should do year round!
When I first started my home business we did not have virtual calendars on our phones. At a holiday party or a family get-together it was not appropriate to have our calendar.

There are a lot of times that you will not want to be carrying your phone and/or calendar so having a clear picture of your calendar will make sure that you are ready.

Over the next 4 weeks you will see LOTS of people… friends, family, business owners, shopkeepers, people in line, co-workers in other departments, spouses’ co-workers, passersby, new friends, friends of friends, the list could go on forever!

Once you know in your mind which dates for parties you want to fill in January (or even late December) make a list of the VALUE to all these people of hosting a January show.

There are many reasons why someone may want to host a January show:

  • Special January Only Themes
  • A Bonus For The First 3 Shows Of The NY
  • Host Bonuses Are Higher In January

There are any number of reasons and you should know why January IS the best month of the year to host a show!

Make A Plan – Sprinkle

Create 10-second sprinkles that you can use with each one of your value propositions – one for each of the different types of situations you may be in in the coming months.

Once you know your next available dates and the value they bring to others just start sprinkling and be prepared to follow when the window of opportunity arises to date a show.

In the balance of the show we discussed how to make the environment more receptive to your January booking as well as ideas to stage your own party.

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