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76 Ways To Find Direct Sales Bookings (Formerly 63)

Posted by Deb Bixler

Originally 63 ways to find bookings, this page is constantly growing!

How To Get Bookings – Not At The Show

There probably are more than 76 ways to find leads outside of your shows but this was all I could think of today. If you have a direct sales booking idea not listed here please add it in the comment section at the end of the post!

It is essential that every direct sales business owner has multiple systems to generate a continuous supply of direct sales business leads.

This list should give you some good ideas.

If you need more ideas you may want to check out these pages as well:

Direct Sales Leads For ALL Business Models

booking ideas for direct sales
These bookings ideas will work for any direct selling business, not just party plan.

If your direct sales business does not do home party shows, please do not rule yourself out.

These booking ideas are a great way to find leads for any business and will work in all companies!

76 Direct Sales Bookings

Please add YOUR direct sales booking tips in the comment section below because I know that there are MORE ways than this to get bookings!

  1. Realtors, mortgage broker, home remodeling gifts
  2. Home owners organization clubhouse shows
  3. Bingo: donate gifts to fill basket bingo
  4. Provide a bi monthly informative newsletter that brings value to your customers and contacts
  5. Use your catalog not your business card
  6. Have an open house (but call it a practice show) & invite everyone you meet for 3 weeks before the show (get follow-up numbers)
  7. Leave old catalogs in waiting rooms all over town
  8. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a guest and network with the vendors
  9. Check out ads (online and off) for those who offer daycare in their homes. A lot of home daycare providers are interested in Fundraisers!
  10. Start your own local TV show on Community Access TV or a YouTube Channel – or both!
  11. Hang posters on community bulletin boards
  12. Send a press release out once a month
  13. Change hair, nail, spa salons every time you go
  14. Hold a transition party when the catalog changes: open your products at the show
  15. Tell the HO if you are bilingual
  16. Do video tape shows, instead of catalog shows
  17. Hold A WOW Party: Within One Week everyone knows what they are doing next week!
  18. Put up fish bowls/prize drawings at businesses
  19. Teach classes at the gym, grocery store, doctor
  20. Run for public office and meet TONS of potential hosts!
  21. Offer yourself as a FREE public speaker
  22. Start a campaign to offer yourself as bridal shower organizer/presenter. Stop in at bridal shops regularly and ask them if you can be their go-to person.
  23. Swap business services with other businesses or consultants
  24. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a vendor
  25. Hang out at the (kitchen tool, makeup, toy, etc.) aisle at your local department store
  26. Join a Chamber and take advantage of all the membership benefits
  27. Visit Chamber of Commerce networking events as a guest
  28. Get a book at the Chamber of Commerce for non-profit organizations
  29. Don’t forget special interest or small town Chambers for all of the above: Become a Chamber hopper!
  30. Join network marketing support groups
  31. Visit networking support groups as a guest (a different one each month)
  32. Offer your services at the community center, Spanish center, etc.
  33. Set up a table on neighborhood yard sale days
  34. direct sales bookings

  35. Bring cookies -You always get what you want when you bring cookies
  36. Offer business luncheon shows
  37. Strike up conversations at McDonald’s play land, parks
  38. Ask for referrals for/from other services
  39. Do fun-raiser shows in front of the grocery store
  40. Talk to schools, fund-raisers, catalog in teachers lounge, show before PTA meeting
  41. Put displays at bridal locations
  42. Promote kids birthday parties (you are the entertainment)
  43. Help the girl/boy scouts get badges
  44. Take your office with you everywhere (people will see you working and ask)
  45. Soccer/sport tail gate parties
  46. Give out gift cards or contact info on Halloween with the candy
  47. Direct Sales Booking

  48. Include your contact information on the back of your Christmas/holiday cards
  49. Run a weekly/monthly/quarterly prize drawing and invite people you meet out and about to join
  50. Carry little gift bags everywhere you go to hand out (always get contact info when you give a gift)
  51. Stop at every car wash/bake sale fund-raiser; buy something then ask about their cause
  52. Follow up with every customer using a customer centric customer care script
  53. Contact churches, advertise in church bulletin, fund-raisers
  54. Offer your demo services at stores, gyms or other related businesses to provide value to them
  55. Take your product with you to events whenever possible.
  56. Advertise in football or music programs, alumni newsletters
  57. Trade home parties with other consultants in other companies
  58. Trade services/referrals with other companies consultants by handing out each others mini-brochures
  59. Contact colleges for opportunity events
  60. direct sales booking ideas

  61. Contact past purchasers about appropriate upcoming specials based on their past purchase
  62. Pamper a business Day at your bank, dentist, any business
  63. Go to sports events and connect with the band booster clubs
  64. Tape your grocery list to a catalog to go shopping with
  65. Schedule your own shows in restaurants or bars for fund-raisers, multiple hosts or just for fun (Motorcycle clubs love bar shows!)
  66. Have custom note cards made with your business info on the back (or use a service for sending cards that customizes them for your business)
  67. Move into new neighborhoods by offering a get to know the neighbor residential community show
  68. Offer “last week of school” teacher shows to celebrate all the teachers who have a birthday, baby shower or wedding over the Summer
  69. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to apartment complexes
  70. Hold a customer appreciation New Year’s party or holiday party the last week or the first week of the year
  71. Ask the manager of apartment complexes or condo communities if you can distribute fliers
  72. Hook up with the local welcome “wagon” and put something in their basket (It is not called that any more but many communities have one)
  73. Join a business referral club like Meet Up groups
  74. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to condo – resident groups
  75. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to employee relations committees (all hospitals have them)
  76. If your company allows it use FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest (all social sites) use them consistently… they really work!
  77. If your company allows it, start a blog to share about your products, opportunity and services. Why Blog?
  78. Brand your car with a magnet or a decal and be loud and proud in a roving billboard!
  79. Take one idea from this list of direct sale bookings ideas and implement a new 1 or 2 each week in a strategic action plan

Want More Information On These Direct Sales Bookings Techniques?

The Elite Direct Selling Training Club includes the Direct Sales Bookings University which goes into extensive detail on all of these booking ideas.

You deserve a solid show schedule and utilizing all of the resources available will get you there.

Add Your Insight On How To Book Parties For Direct Sales!

I am sure that I missed a few ideas on how to book parties…. This list used to be only 63 direct sales booking ideas!

If you can think of any please add them below!

With 76 ways to find bookings (I am sure we will add more) there is no reason not to have enough business because there really are UNLIMITED home party plan bookings out there….

Are you willing to go out and get them?

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43 Responses to “76 Ways To Find Direct Sales Bookings (Formerly 63)”

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Keep coming back Kathy! When we try something new we become a new person then are open to something else.

    Each time you come back you are in a new space!

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    It is funny as many times as I review this list I see something new. Something I may not have really tried. So once again what a great way to start the new year by picking a few select items and seeing what I can do with them.

    Deb thanks for the review this was great

    Shared by: Pam Shaw:

    I love this list. There’s so much variety. I’m looking forward to implementing them in 2014.

    Shared by: Kim Thompson-Pinder:

    I love the idea about bringing cookies because you always get what you want when you bring them. It put a smile on my face.

    Shared by: Loretta Buza:

    I really like the candy bar wrappers! I made baggies at Halloween and that is expensive and a big pain! Putting info on wrappers and re-wrapping candy bars – wish I had thought of that! I have also checked out hiring events, to set up a table and talk to possible recruits – home businesses are the fast growing in the nation. :)

    Shared by: wanda:

    great ideas. some i have already used but lots i havent.

    Shared by: Karla:

    I see some really good tips in comments. Thanks for the college tip because I have opportunity to do a college charity event and was think will they have money to purchase products and is it worth doing. I will concentrate on the opportunity message. Also, I still like the t-shirt or apparel messaging, have on order for my college event.

    I get good feedback on business card in organza bags or the decorative gift bags with a tag and ribbon attached to top of bags; this idea is from party plan diva. Always get “how cute!”

    I create introducing my business postcards and put stickers on them

    Shared by: Carolyn Rogers:

    Great place to look when I’m feeling stuck!

    Shared by: Ann-Maree Bennett:

    My organisation has started conducting online parties via Facebook and many people have done well. I still do not have many Facebook friends but will hold an online party once I have 100 Facebook friends.

    Shared by: Angie P:

    I need to print this out. Great ideas!

    Shared by: Lynn:

    I love this list! I heard you talk about this with Beth Jones-Schall a few months ago, and got some very useful ideas that really work!

    Shared by: Csaunders:

    Thanks for all these great ideas. 2014 is looking brighter for my direct selling biz.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    many, many , many great ideas! Looking forward to seeing this list grow in 2014!!!

    Shared by: Deborah S.:

    I love this list Deb. Been a fan of yours for a while and truly love how you so generously share real ideas to help others grow their business. :-)

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Marti and all for commenting…. yes while the Cash Flow Show focuses on party plan most of the tips we share will work in ANY sales business!

    Shared by: Jody Hurd:

    Thank You Deb! As time passes by, I shortcut myself, by taking short-cuts, eliminating the details, and forgetting the WHY. Then, need to try to figure out what worked and didn’t. Always come back to your articles, suggestions, and nudges, to get back on track!

    Shared by: Colleen:

    In 2014, I am going to commit to trying out at least one of these ideas each week!

    Shared by: Marti:

    LOVE these! They will work great for direct sales that are not party plan as well as the party plan businesses. As I have both types of businesses, I cannot wait to give these a go!

    Thanks Deb!

    Shared by: Tina Crabtree:

    Thanks these will help!

    Shared by: Mary Hanus:

    There are so many things here to implement in my business plan…it’s making me seem quite creative (LOL). I will definitely be sharing with my team next month! No moe excuses…

    Shared by: Mary Hanus:

    There are so many things here to implement in my business plan…it’s making me seem quite creative (LOL). I will definitely be sharing with my team next month!

    Shared by: Krystyne:

    Ask your corner stores and local businesses if you can put a lead box on their counter or an ad on the bulletin board.

    Shared by: Annette:

    I have tried some of your ideas and am now convinced I need to change my attitude and continue to try your ideas to find what wl work for me.
    Thanks again for all the great tips!

    Shared by: Molly:

    I am planning on doing a booking blitz this weekend – my first one ever – so this list will also give me ways to build my business. Thanks, Deb!

    Shared by: Marcie Thomas:

    I like to do cross promotion with local businesses, i offer to promote there business on Facebook and with other representatives if i can leave brochures and a poster that will be displayed on the front window.

    Shared by: Peter Gibson:

    Love the ideas I have been doing a few of them but so could us the other ideas to move me and my business forward. I see 2014 being a great year from me.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Another great take on the Yard sales for finding business, thanks, Tray!

    Shared by: Tray Carden-Mason:

    Go to yard sales and offer FREE bags for them to use for the customers.

    In that bag have a brochure, recruiting materials, and a biz card along with a piece of candy. Offer the person a gift to them for passing out your bags. In that gift always offer a free product with purchase.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    I made a video for #73 – we roll them out on the bookings category every week or so with more detail!

    Shared by: Amy S.:

    Deb, can’t wait to see what #73 is!! I am printing this list to keep with me as I am working my business plan!! I have BIG goals for 2014 so I need to fill up my calendar!! Thanks for sharing to help others be successful!!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Julia – I just thought of another one that I used and never included on the page so soon going to say 73!! I am sure we will hit 100 sometime!

    Shared by: Julia:

    This is awesome info. I’ve been in this business for several years, and there were ideas here that I didn’t think of! Thank you!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Cool, Debbie – nice to pass the entrepreneurial spirit on to your granddaughter!

    Shared by: Debbie Hill:

    Deb this is fantastic info. My gradaughter, 7 years old, started her own business this fall – Sami’s Tutus, Bows and Things.

    While these ideas might be aimed at the direct sales industry – I have found several that will benefit her in her business efforts. I can’t wait to share them with her!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Cool Anita – thanks for taking the time to say so!! There is a lot here so enjoy!! Glad you like the site!

    Fish bowls are one of my fav’s, Rachel!

    Shared by: Anita:

    Deb, I was on the tele-seminar today and I just want to say, Thank You! Very informative, easy to listen to and take notes. I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to clicking around your site!


    Shared by: Rachel Cole:

    I love 12 and 39 i think they are both GREAT ideas and I will put them to use immediately

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Excellent, Tracey – that is kind of like the fish bowl concept! Thanks for sharing!!

    Shared by: Tracey Sparrowhawk:


    I am a conultant with Arbonne, and I contacted our local YMCA to see about putting a draw box in there and offered to donate portions from the sales generated from the draw box to the “Strong Kids” campaign. They said no. I left a letter with a proposal, a catalogue and my contact information and followed up with phone call. Would there have been a better way to handle this request?

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    The search bar is on the left sidebar of each blog page, Lorian.

    The Bookings category has all the bookings related articles. The series of Bookings tips listed above are itemized within that category with more details on each. This is the bookings category:

    This is the direct link to the #1 tip in this series:
    But really there are so many tips in the bookings category you should just use that!

    Shared by: Lorian Rivers:

    Hi. I would like the link to Booking Idea #1 please! I found and read both 2 and 3, but can’t find 1.

    Is there any way to search this site? I can’t find that either.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Many times colleges have a career day and you can be a part of it. I would focus more on the money making aspect of it than the product purchasing part.

    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    Hi Deb, when you contact colleges for opportunity events, are you saying to ask them if you can set up a table to pass out catalogs and business opportunity information about your products?

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