Sales Funnel For Direct Selling Business Leads

Direct selling success always comes down to finding enough business leads.

The sales funnel is an old-fashioned concept for making sure your direct selling business always has enough leads.

Finding Leads = Direct Sales Funnel

Making the best use of the sales funnel requires an understanding of the two principles of why it works.
sales funnel
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Link to this page, print out the sales funnel above and/or the worksheet below. Feel free to use it in your sales team training:  Print The Sales Funnel

How The Sales Funnel Works

One part of the sales funnel is the fact that the funnel is wider at the top allowing for more leads into the sales funnel.

All direct selling businesses must have a wide variety of lead generation systems in place.

It is important to be sure to use every resource available to you to find business.

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You can not depend ONLY on acquaintances. Friends, family neighbors, school, work, church, etc. are all part of one lead generation system…. acquaintances!

Finding business at your home party is another lead generation system.

Two lead systems are not enough for any business! All successful systems depend on multiple sources of business.

Develop Customer Loyalty

The other principle of the sales funnel is that customers may voluntarily come into your funnel with minimal commitment.  The widest part is actually no commitment or minimal obligation.

Showing up at your direct selling party is an example of a customer who does not have much commitment to your business and voluntarily steps into your sales funnel.  As the customer falls deeper into the funnel, their commitment level increases and they begin to have a level of customer loyalty to you.

Here are two examples of the increase in commitment a lead may make from two different lead sources:

Sales Funnel – Progression Of Loyalty

A home party lead follows this progression of customer loyalty as it drops down the sales funnel.

  • Come to a home party show
  • Buy a product
  • Fill out a prized drawing
  • Schedule their own home show (or not)
  • Return to a show
  • Schedule a home party

sales funnel worksheet
Download or print a worksheet to chart your sales funnel with your lead systems and the levels of customer loyalty for each.

A Lead From A Vendor Event

A lead from a vendor event may follow this progression of customer loyalty:

  • Stop and talk
  • Fill out a prize drawing
  • Answer the phone when you call
  • Schedule a show
  • Fall in love with the products
  • Sign up to be a consultant

Direct Sellers Use The Marketing Funnel

Filling your marketing funnel with a massive amount of sales leads from a wide variety of sources and having a graduated system of developing faithful customers is how you create a consistent cash flow in your home business.  Eventually, the lead turns into a customer, who then buy a product, schedule a show, and possibly becomes a direct selling distributor.

As you develop more loyal customers a steady stream of cash will flow out the bottom of the funnel.

Tips For Success

A couple of quick tips about the funnel will help you to achieve greater success in your direct sales business.

  • Don’t cram people in your sales funnel from the bottom.
  • Do not open with the close.
  • Allow people to voluntarily come into your sales funnel by creating desire and adding value in their lives.
  • Success hinges on have many lead generation systems.

What Does Your Direct Selling Sales Funnel Look Like?

Think about what your direct selling sales funnel looks like.

  • How many lead generation systems do you have?
  • What can you add to your system of generating leads?
  • What is each lead system’s progression?
  • How do you create desire and increase customer loyalty?

You may want to diagram out your personal sales funnel and lead generation systems.

Print out this black and white version of the business sales funnel and make some notes of how your customers will have a gradually deepening commitment to you.


    Shared by: Tammee Jackson:

    Very helpful since my warm market was slim to none and I have not had any home parties yet to get booking from.

    Shared by: Kathy Jenks:

    I agree that the point of a setting up at events is to get leads so selling should not be your priority. I have product samples on display, business cards, brochures and a fish bowl for business cards for a drawing for a prize. I also have a sign-up sheet for those who don’t have a business card but want to be added to the drawing. Everyone who gives me a card, gets a thank you card for stopping at my booth/table. I use “Send Out Cards” and when possible, either take their picture at the event or find their picture on facebook or linkedin to send the card with their picture on it and to build relationships with them. I use the cards for many things but at the event I send thank you cards for stopping by. Not sure I agree with your statement of don’t open with the close. I pique with a closing statement several times during the presentation and the final close at the end “what questions can I answer before we get you started tonight.”

    Thank you for the working copy of the funnel. I have gone through the university and stay in the cash flow show club and appreciate all the resources you give us.

    Shared by: Anonymous:

    Thanks intended for taking turns this sort of wonderful material in your web-site. I located it on the internet.

    Shared by: Anonymous:

    really thanks i want to this

    Shared by: Sara Tormala:

    I am a consultant for 2 great companies: PartyLite and It Works! Global. Both I have done vendor events. I always get leads, but this information will increase those leads and not let that ‘one’ get by. Thanks

    Shared by: Nan Flesher:

    Hello there, You have done an incredible job breaking things into simple terms that eveyone can understand and take action on.

    Shared by: Tami Thompson:

    I personally love vendor fairs. You can easily keep your funnel filled with leads generated from these types of events. And if you dig a little further, Deb has excellent advice on how to best utilize a vendor event. Do find/read those articles too!
    Tami Thompson
    (Phyllis O’Neill’s 31 team)

    Shared by: Chris:

    The Funnel is a classic sales syatem that still works! Keep Filling that funnel and you will be successful!

    Shared by: Stacey:

    I love the funnel image! When I first started in Direct Sales I wondered if it was worthwhile to attend craft fairs, etc, because I didn’t have alot of cash and carry items. Those events play a major role in keeping my calendar full!

    Shared by: Lori:

    The new site looks great, Deb!! I can’t wait to have some spare time to go through it and see what new things I can find. Fortunately, due in great part to your help, my calendar is full and it will be a few days before I get to it.

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