DSBU #2 Bookings Webinar

Glad You Are Back!!

This is the 2nd of a 4 part bookings webinar series of finding business – finding bookings for party plan consultants.

If you found this page randomly, you should start at the beginning by reading the introductory post and get on the free Booking University video list so that you receive the links to the whole series of webinars.

WOW! What great comments on the first bookings webinar…. You may want to go back and read all the comments because there is a lot of great feedback there.

One thing that you will learn that you are not alone!

Bookings Webinar #2

Click to print the customer service script.

It takes willingness to overcome fears and grow your business! Take ACTION – Come back for the next bookings webinar!

Consultants Overcome Fear Of Success

Make a decision to be willing to overcome your fears of success.

No matter what your fears are… being pushy, not being organized, disappointing people, whatever… you will never achieve the success that you deserve unless you decide to overcome those fears.

A decision does not mean you are perfect it just means you are willing to take steps to make progress.Learn More About The Direct Sales Recruiting University!

  • Develop accurate perceptions (separate your thoughts from emotions).
  • What are the benefits and risks?
  • Consider what you may be missing!
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • Recognize the benefits of failure.
  • Surrender to the outcome.
  • Burn the boats!

Make A Business Impact

Consultants who incorporate customer service into their business on a regular basis will always have a full calendar.

A big impact habit is something that is easy to do.

So, easy in fact, that it can be done every single day: no problem. A big impact habit when done consistently will add up to a huge result!

How many customer service calls can you make a day? Don’t say more than you can handle EVERY day!

  • 1 customer service call every day = every 10 days you will generate business
  • 2 customer service calls every day = every 5 days you will generate business
  • 3 customer service calls every day = every 3-4 days you will generate business

Get it? Make a Big Impact Habit to make an impact on your business.

Actions To Grow Your Party Business

  • Comment below – Tell us what you want next
  • Create your list of fears in order worst to best and start doing them
  • Become focused on why you are fearful
  • Make a commitment to do X number of customer service calls every day

The customer service script concept has revolutionized my business. After the Bookings U, I made a commitment to make 3 customer service calls a day and have been doing it ever since. I never wonder where to find leads or business now.
Jaimie Stotzfus, Lansing MI


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Customer service week calls with a twist, excellent, will use this script, instead of what I have prior, focus on the ten second rule and really servicing them! I am starting now with a new company. I cannot wait to implement these ideas, thanks!

    Shared by: Norma:

    Thank you Deb!!!

    Shared by: Norma:

    Hi Deb! Me again…love this one and love the idea of customer service calls. BUT…what if you do not have more than 3 customers yet? I am really struggling to get customers and then can implement the calls which I will for sure! Getting and finding new customers is my struggle right now. I was set up for a vendor event and that just got cancelled. I heard door to door flyers were good? I would love to know the BEST methods when you are new and looking for new customers. NOT family, friends, etc. as I have exhausted them. You rock Deb!!! Thanks for caring about us and for the free webinars. You truly are a gem! 🙂

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Norma – The top 4 ways I filled my calendar are as follows:

      1. Go to vendor events twice a month: once as a guest and once as a vendor.
      2. Offer yourself as a FREE presenter to groups and clubs.
      3. Go to free mixers including Chamber events
      4. Talk to 10 new people a day and practice the 10 second rule – and sprinkle – ask only if they give you a window of opportunity! How can you serve?!

      The BUniversity is spread out over 2 weeks so that you have time to practice and take action in between to develop your skills. The first one asked you to:

      • Practice The 10 Second Rule
      • Change Your Focus
      • Make Friends
      • –> Go To A Vendor Event As A Guest
      • Think About It: What is really holding you back?

      You can find 90+ ways to find NEW people besides friends and family here: http://www.DirectSalesBookings.com

    Shared by: Cindy Cox:

    Love the customer service week… so excited going to start my customer service ASAP

    Shared by: Clarissa Miller:

    Love the action steps. Gives me the steps I need to actually take action instead of leaving me with information but no idea what to do with it. Thanks so much. Enjoying your video training so much

    Shared by: Catherine Switzer:

    Thank you for your “no nonsense” approach Deb. I listen to so many programs and realized I am using the trainings as a crutch not to have to “do” the work. When you said we can analyze everything to death about why we think the way we do or we can get out an do it, I knew you had me pegged!
    I have been making my customer service calls, daily a minimum of 10, I have added 3 parties and $825 in sales to my business this week. Thank you!!!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      COOL – glad to hear that, Catherine, Apryl, and everyone!! – Hey, write up a short story on what changed that is 100% unique (never before and never in the future posted anywhere on the web) and we can put it in as a guest post. Maybe, 300 words or so, or less. Send it to me: Deb@DebBixler.com

    Shared by: Apryl Clark:

    Thank you Deb! So glad I made the investment for the Elite Club. I am learning so much. Next week I am going to start my customer service calls. My goal is 2-3 per day for about a week.

    Shared by: Lynn Fergusson:

    I enjoyed reading Lucinda’s comment above, as I am about to head out to a large vendor event as a guest this afternoon to practice the 10 second rule. I also wanted to say that this particular video really helped me, more than any of the dozens I have seen while researching. I became a consultant in order to force myself to face all of my lifelong fears, and sometimes I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Your particular way of breaking things down was really helpful. Thank you so much!

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