Reach Out To Employee Relations Committees

In our ongoing series on how to get bookings for home parties tip #74 contacting employee relations committees.

As a home business owner and professional sales consultant, you should be employing as much creative marketing strategies as you can to reach the widest audience possible.

Reaching out to employee relations committees is an extremely effective way to get in front of new audiences.

Meet People At Employee Relations Committees Events

Before you start contacting organizations make a plan on what value you have to offer.

Listen to an excerpt of the Cash Flow Show Radio and learn how to connect with employee committees.

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Unless you work in a hospital, college or a union shop, you probably have very little experience with employee relations organizations. Most businesses or organizations that have an employee relations committee have thousands of employees!

You may want to read another article about how to get started in public speaking that will get you off on the right foot!
Employee Relations Committees
Think about these questions and make a plan before starting to contact the various organizations:

  • How can you provide value to the group in a NOT party plan workshop type event?
  • How can you make a home party presentation appealing to the group?
  • How can you assist in raising money for the group?
  • How will you incorporate a prize drawing or lead gather technique into the presentation?

Every committee may not be interested in a party selling products but they would be interested in a workshop that teaches crafts or healthy living, or anything of value that is fun and entertaining!

Remember that FUN is the biggest commodity in the 21st century and when you can sell fun you can sell anything!

Finding Employee Relations Committees

Check out the websites of the various hospitals, colleges and other public entities in your area, you will usually find information on the employee relations committee for each organization.

Employee relations committees are extremely serious about their responsibilities and they expect their vendors to be serious as well.

Research the business a bit. Jot down some hot buttons that may appeal to them then figure out how to incorporate those into your offerings.

This is the group creates events for the staff in BIG organizations. They often put on presentations at the place of business for various reasons as well as sponsor events off site.

Offering workshops, fundraiser events and / orĀ  your products and services is a great idea for these kinds of gatherings because it helps break up the day for employees and gives them new products to consider and may be able to fit into a short time slot that needs filled.


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Very interesting, more involved method of marketing your business, but definitely one to consider and prepare for!!

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