Find Business By Texting?! Tip #78

Our list of direct sales bookings ideas is constantly growing.

Find Business With Text MessageWe just added the text message bookings tip to our list to bring our total bookings tips up to 78!

ThankĀ  you to Kimbre Bellhouse of Tupperware for sharing this technique of finding business.

Big companies do it, so why not you!?

I am sure most of you are maintaining an email newsletter list but getting bookings for home parties is all about reaching out to your contacts on their terms.

Find Business By Texting

In order to find business by texting you need to create a short and to-the-point reminder of an upcoming booking benefit to send to your leads.

A quick periodic reminder to those who said they may like to have a show sometime will add an occasional date to your calendar.

As a consultant you should always know why next month and the month after that is the best month of the year to host a show!

When you send a quick text tip with a reminder as to why the upcoming period is an awesome time to host a show, you may be surprised at who replies back.

How To Get Bookings By Text

Create a few groups within your phone.
Find Bookings By Texting
Depending on your phone company you may have limits as to the number of text messages you can send at once. My phone has a 20-person limit, so a group of 20 customers per group would be ideal.

At the party be sure to ask “Would you like to get my text tips of the month?” or something to that effect.

You can provide value to your guests in the form of helpful ideas based on your product line similar (but shorter) to an email newsletter.

As with your email newsletter there are also certain things to keep in mind.

Only message to voluntary participants! Never add anyone who did not give you permission to a text or email list!

  • “Would you like to get my fashion tip (recipe tip, scrap booking tips, skin care tips) of the month via text or email?’

Since you are limited in the number of texts you can send at a time, make a plan to send a text every Monday (or any particular day) and rotate through the groups of 20.

As you continue to add names, call your groups by an easy to track group name:
MyFantasticCompany Leads1, MyFantasticCompany Leads2, MyFantasticCompany Leads3, etc.

Crafting Your Text Message:

Keep your message short and to the point and personal!

If possible include a compliment, a tip, the benefit of booking (what’s in it for them) and a call to action!

This statement includes both a compliment and a WIFT statement.

I would love to teach you the thrill of the grill….
Find Business By Texting

Text Etiquette For Finding Business

Like your newsletter, you should ALWAYS blind copy!! Right?!

In your phone when texting to a group of people notice that you can send to a group via ‘conversation’ or individual.

In a conversation everyone can see everyone else’s contact info and replies so be respectful and use the individual feature.

Put a system together for permission-based texting to find business and I guarantee you will get the bookings!

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