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In our ongoing series on bookings tips we will elaborate periodically on each of the (now) more than 103 ways to find business listed in the previous article titled 103 Direct Sales Booking Ideas.

Find Business With Real Estate Agents

While this technique of finding business will not fill your calendar, when you secure a couple of realtors, mortgage brokers or home remodeling companies who use YOU as their customer “thank you” gift provider you will have loyal long term customers.
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There are many industries that provide gifts to their customers after the sale or when the deal closes. Real estate agents usually send a gift to the new home owner, a high end re-modeler does the same.

Think about who you may know in these industries or a similar line of work that may give gifts to their customers.

How can you make that easier for them?

Create A Thank You Gift Service

Think about your plan…

How can you service these organizations that give thank you gifts on a regular basis?

Offering these companies or agents a catalog may be a bit overwhelming, so think about how you can create a easy to use service?

There are any number of ways that you may make their life easier.

  • Pre-Planned Product Packages: You could create 3 price point product packages that you offer to these groups. Welcome Package #1, #2, #3 or Gift Package #1, #2, #3 which are already combined products in 3 different price ranges that make nice gift ideas. Create a simple flyer with your packages rather than giving out the whole catalog.
  • Wrapped or Assembled: Depending on your products either buy a basket, cello-bag, gift wrap or use one of your products to assemble a gift package. If you have pre-planned packages it is easy to assemble a few of each to keep on hand for a last minute call.
  • Delivery Service: Delivering the packages to the customer for the agent may be a great perk that will enhance your service and give you a chance to meet the guest. (Every package should include your contact information too!)
  • Bulk Discounts: Buy 3 packages and get the 4th one free. Or buy 10 at once and get 20% off.

Join The Cash Flow Show Find Business Tip ClubThese are just ideas so you can get your creative juices going.

(This and all the other 103 ways to find bookings is part of the Cash Flow Show direct selling training club.)

Visit Offices Who Need Gifts

After you have a plan set aside a week to introduce yourself to groups or offices that may need your services.

  • Contact anyone you know in one of these industries and leverage that connection.
  • Make a couple of appointments in the offices of your connections first.
  • Bring one of each gift idea packaged and a flier
  • Plan your presentation to the office manager or (better yet) the whole office
  • Hit the streets – after you have a good system of presentation start contacting other offices either by phone or as a walk in inquiry.

There is no doubt that this takes time and effort but the pay off is worth it!

Who Gives Gifts To Their Customers?

There are a lot of companies who give gifts to their customers:

  • Car Dealers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Construction Companies
  • Financial Consultants
  • Insurance Agents
  • Lawyers
  • Can you think of anyone else? Add it in the comments please!

Find Business Tip

This tip to find business DOES work (I am sharing from first hand experience) but it is not a get rich quick technique for finding business! It takes time!

Once you get a real estate office or a construction company that uses you though it can be a long term relationship that gives you that little boost you need once in a while!

Be sure to think outside the box when it comes to “what the gift is” because there are literally hundreds of ideas for gift giving to clients: stationary, books, cooking equipment, food samples, decorating items, coasters, flowers, wreaths, gift cards, frames, teas, coffees, chocolate, spa products, etc.

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    Shared by: Tamecka:

    One word…WOW!!! This is aaamazing. Such an out of the box idea and I\\\’m taking it a step further and thinking how I may be able to collab with some of my fellow DS friends! What a way to market/promote for each other as well! Thanks so much!

    Shared by: Tamecka:

    One word…WOW!!! This is aaamazing. Such an out of the box idea and I’m taking it a step further and thinking how I may be able to collab with some of my fellow DS friends! What a way to market/promote for each other as well! Thanks so much!

    Shared by: Shelly:

    Wonder how this could work with personal protection products without scaring the customer. …. say if it was a realtor who sends a ty for a house purchase, they don’t want to scare the buyer with protection items. ….ideas??

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Actually, I am certain that it would be a perfect fit, Shelly! I am sure Damsel has some advice and tips for personal home owner safety, etc. So what can you put together that enhances the home owners experience in the new neighborhood.

      The car kits or other carry bags with safety features and tips for getting to know the neighbors, etc. I almost think it is a perfect product…. just think and talk and experiment to get the right mix!

    Shared by: Kim Thompson-Pinder:

    What a great idea, being able to access others people’s customers to everyone’s benefit. You benefit with access to new people, the agent benefits with a wonderful gift and the customer gets a gift. Love it.

    Shared by: Hope:

    This is a great idea! Other potential places to look: higher end apartment/condo complexes, attorneys, and financial planners. I can take this and run with it. Thank you, Deb!

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