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A recent Facebook status update asking for radio show topics brought a response from NYR Organics rep Gail Raymond.

She said:
Sometimes my evenings are busy with non-business activities, however I have available time to do shows during the day. Do you have any ideas on how to get daytime party bookings and where to find the leads?

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Below is an excerpt of the CFS Radio discussing how to get daytime bookings.

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How To Train Bookings

Get Daytime Party Bookings!

If you focus on what you want you will get it, so focus on daytime party bookings to get them.

Who is the ideal customer for a daytime booking?

  • Stay At Home Moms
  • WAHM’s (Work At Home Moms)
  • Mennonite And Amish women
  • Secretarial Luncheons/Workshops
  • Home Schoolers
  • Fundraisers For Schools
  • Teacher After School Shows

Daytime Party Bookings
I included Mennonite and Amish women because I had a team member whose entire business was daytime shows with Amish and Mennonite women even though she was not a member of either religion.

Make A List: The Ideal Daytime Party Hostess

Make a list of your ideal daytime show host.

They could be individuals or organizations. The list above is a good starter list and I am sure there are more.  After that just start to figure out how to target them.

Mention At Parties For The WAHM & SAHM

I would also mention at every home show that your specialty is WAHM or SAHM home parties or after school fundraiser programs or whatever one you can make a nice sprinkle from, considering the audience in front of you.

  • Teachers After School Fundraiser Party: If you are in a room with 10 teachers you would sprinkle your one-liner about fund-raiser parties or the party for celebrating bridal/engagements or weddings of teachers after school.
  • WAHM or SAHM Home Parties: If you have a party full of SAHM’s be sure to drop your sprinkle about the brunch show for when the toddlers are sleeping or how you have a workshop for home schoolers that can be part of the school day.

Create a sprinkle for each niche that you are targeting and start to sprinkle them everywhere you go to generate interest, not just at the parties but everywhere in conversations.

Hang Out With Ideal Daytime Party Host

Hang out with your ideal daytime party host.

Join groups where your ideal daytime party client hangs out.  Develop workshops, themes, party concepts that meet their needs. Become a part of the groups that you want to serve!

I am sure you can schedule shows at anytime of the day; you just need to focus on what you want and target it!

Focus on what you want. Prepare your calendar and go for it!!


    Shared by: Sabine kurtzhals:

    Makes complete sense to target this group. Even a lunchtime party in the break room at work, or a quick “teaching” of whatever your product is (dress for success, how to accessorize, etc). Even if not your entire line, just featuring one or two products.

    Shared by: Sue Kaup:

    Hmmm, businesses on their lunch hours might enjoy some pampering…

    Shared by: Bev:

    What a great idea! I think I need to add daytime options. My husband works such long hours so I don\\\’t like to fill up all my evenings because I would never get to see him. T

    Shared by: Bev:

    What a great idea! I think I need to add daytime options. My husband works such long hours so I don’t like to fill up all my evenings because I would never get to see him. T

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