2 Holiday Sales Tips: Cards

The best holiday sales tip I can give you is to NOT take the whole month off…

December is one or maybe two holidays, not a whole month, so make sure you work your business as usual otherwise you will have a slow period three months down the road!holiday sales tips

Holiday tip #1 is REMEMBER it is only a holiday not a holi-month!

Holiday Sales Tips

There are actually MANY holiday sales tips on the Cash Flow Show!

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The second of our holiday sales tips in this article is to use 2 greeting cards this season; one for personal friends and another for business associates.

Your holiday business greeting cards and personal greetings do not actually have to be 2 separate cards but they should serve two important purposes:

  1. Remind friends and family that you have a business without being in-their-face pushy.
  2. Show your business associates, team members, hostesses, clients, etc. that you are their friend.

Holiday Sales Tips

How do you do that?

Send a holiday card with the family photo to your hostesses, show guests, business collaborators or those on the list of people you would like to do shows with.  People do not invite strangers to their house so a card with a family photo shows them that you are friends!

Put a discreet reminder on the back of your personal greeting cards so that family and friends remember that you are in business and appreciate their support.

HolidaySalesTipThis can be one or two cards but the point is to be a friend and be in business without crossing the line on either side.

You can order custom note cards of all sizes and themes at Zazzle. Upload your photos, craft your business message on the back and even include a personal message inside if you want.

The more you order the cheaper it gets.

Of course, the best part of this holiday sales tip is that now you can deduct all aspects of your holiday cards from your taxes!!

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