How To Market Business On Halloween

Creative direct sales bookings idea #22 is something I struggle with every year!

How do I take advantage of this great opportunity to put my literature into many households without being a Halloween Grinch?!

Share your idea in the comment section below to, please!

Market Business To Trick Or Treaters!

I have always tried to figure out how to market my business on Halloween and also how to keep the treats somewhat healthy!

A few Halloween give-aways that I have tried:

  • Do you want a recipe card for your Mom or a box of raisins?!

This was actually quite effective as most small kids wanted recipe cards. Unfortunately the teens just got pissed off!

Of course the healthy recipe card included my contact info. It was always fun to listen to the little ones as they ran back to their parents: “Mommy, I got you a recipe card!!”

  • Homemade healthy snack with recipe delivered to the school bus stop.

With a homemade snack you must be sure that the parents are willing to let the kids eat it!  I did this a couple of years and handed them out at the bus stop with a separate printed recipe.

This was actually very popular because the kids got a nice snack on a day when they did not get any other treats.

One year I did Brown Rice Krispie Treats and another year I made Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cookies.

On Halloween the rest of the neighborhood may not have been so happy as my door was closed and lights were off.  One year a parent did call me and ask a question about the recipe so I know a couple did get to the parents.

How To Market Business On Halloween

After a couple years of this I decided to give up on the healthy twist and just focus on how to market business on Halloween to get my name out into the community.

  • Custom-made Hershey’s chocolates with pre-printed contact information on the back. I got them at Treasured Sweets.

how to market business on Halloween
These were very professional looking. I did get a new client as a result of them so I would say that they were a good investment!

The candies come already assembled and wrapped and can be custom made with any information that you want on the back. how to market business to trick or treaters

  • Custom Stickers Made From Zazzle

This year I ordered these custom stickers made from Zazzle and I plan to stick them on my treat of choice.

They do not look quite as good as the candies from Treasured Sweets that I used last year but that may be partly a result of user error when creating them on the Zazzle site.

The stickers come in sheets of 20 and are available in different sizes. You can order one sheet or several.

I got 100 stickers and the full order was only about $25.

Take Advantage Of Halloween To Get Your Name Out!

marketing home business on halloweenWhile getting your name into a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern bucket may not be the most lucrative lead generation system, it will put you out into the community!

Always take advantage of every lead generation system available to you!

One perk of this is that now your Halloween candy is an income tax deduction….

That was really my motivation all along! LOL

What do YOU give out on Halloween? Tell us in the comments, please!


    Shared by: April:

    I am in real estate and we have a listing that is not getting any offers due to a gully in the backyard so I am hosting a Block Party Fall Festival Open House
    Treat bags for the kids face painting backyard games and free tour of the home and each bag will have a business card.

    Shared by: Mistydawn Jurik:

    Hole punch a business card string a rubber band trough and wrap it around each piece of candy you pass out. It doesn’t cost you anything more and you don’t have to special order anything. So you have no unused left overs!

    Shared by: Joy Ashe:

    I make goody bags that put in a clear door hanging bag. In it I put an AVON brochure, recruiting flyer, business card with a coupon on the back, a miniature card that says “A Treat for you…From your AVON Representative.”

    I also have my contact information on it. I staple or tape a piece of candy (Million Dollar Mints) to the card. I print the card on orange paper. I also put a sample in. I then tie the bags with curly ribbon. I give theses out to the people who houses we go to when out trick-a-treating. I tell them “Thank you for treating my son and that I have a treat bag for them. I give them the bag and ask if I can have their information so I can follow up.

    Shared by: Annette Slater:

    We don’t have a ton of kids anymore. So, I’m going to attach mini brochure to a larger candy with a note to Mom’s and Dad’s promoting shopping or earning.

    Shared by: Pamela Elliott:

    I tell all my guests and current clients to say “BOO to their BOOBS” and if they drop in fright, they need me. Yes, I sell Luxurious Lingerie and Practical Underwear.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Lots of great ideas here and I love the top 10 ‘raisins’ to join the business!!!

    Shared by: Stacy:

    I marketed cinch sacs with Halloween themes and colors on my closed group – and how to get the monthy special at same time. Bags are sturdy, last years – and can be handed down!

    We went to a festival in our little town so I made little halloween gift baggies with a York Peppermint Patty & a Cinnamon Sparkle Partylite candle & my business card enclosed and handed them to Moms. I said, “This one is for YOU! After the kids are all cleaned up and in bed, light the candle, and bite into that York Peppermint patty! Later give me a call when you’re ready for me to pamper you some more with free candles and home decor! I’m looking for more friends to spoil and I’d like you to be one of them!” I got contact info from a few. Hopefully I’ll hear back from those I didn’t.

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