Target List Of Non Profit Organizations

One of the now 90+ direct sales booking tips is to get a book or list of non profit organizations at the Chamber of Commerce then target them for a variety of services.

I was recently asked what you would do with the list after you got it – the answer is:

  • Seek out fundraiser parties or events: ALL not for profit groups need to raise money!
  • Offer yourself as a free speaker: All local service groups are looking for FREE meeting speakers!
  • Expand your circle of influence: Once invited to these events you put on your charm and meet new friends while expanding your circles!

Target List Of Non Profit Organizations

Make a plan to target nonprofits for leads because the investment will pay off handsomely.

Some Chambers of Commerce actually have a HUGE book, for others it may be a simple pamphlet or listing of the non profit organizations.

It is simple: systematically call organizations on the list each day. Make a habit of doing 2 a day no matter what!

Most likely you can eliminate some right off the bat…
The small groups like the tropical fish club or the chess club might not be good leads.

Also, the really big national organizations like American Cancer Society or the March of Dimes may not even take your call.

The best leads will be those who have a national name but a local branch.

Such as:

  • American Business Women’s Association
  • Jaycees
  • Kiwanis Club
  • Lion’s Club

With a regular system you will get good at knowing who to call based on results, how to anticipate the questions, realizing what to say and how to leverage the previous call with someone else in the organization when you finally get the right person.

Make A Plan To Get Non Profit Business

Read all the other articles that are linked out of this page then just start at the beginning of the book and make calls!

The more you call the better you will get at it!

All nonprofit organizations need to raise money and all not for profits are looking for free speakers for their meetings.

Make one phone call and you have two lead generation opportunities from every contact you make using the list of non profit organizations from the Chamber of Commerce!


    Shared by: Patricia Shorts Toney:

    Great article, thank you. I have been procrastinating this part of my business.

    Shared by: Norma:

    I am a little lost on this subject Deb. I have lists of the Non Profit organizations in my area but I do not want to do speaking on anything. How else can I utilize this? How can I help non profit with my business.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Think of it as educational services. Offer your skills to the members and also the fundraising aspects.

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