Live Stream Facebook For Bookings

The latest and greatest technology is live stream Facebook videos and YOU can use it to actually secure bookings.

Melanie Parker of Party Plan 123 was our guest in this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

Listen to Melanie’s set here and/or visit the radio page to listen to the full show (through 5/10/17).

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How To Train Bookings
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Uses For Live Stream Facebook Videos

A live stream Facebook video has many applications. Consider using one as:

  • An invitation to an event
  • A welcome to the event – this is how it works
  • A product demo during an event
  • A product demo outside an event on your business page
  • A booking tool

Live Stream Facebook

When done correctly you definitely can create desire for bookings.

How To Create A Booking Video Stream

During your video event you will do a regular product demonstration of a group of items that would normally be coveted products. These are the products that usually create desire for parties automatically.

The goal is to help the audience build a wish list.

As you demonstrate different items in our product groupings, ask the guests to write in the comment section what items they would love to own.

Then tell them to say yes to hosting a party!

Who will host the next party, say YES!

Melanie Parker
My heart was pounding when I first did a live stream Facebook event…. yours will too but just jump in and do it! It is the only way to get that pounding to stop!
Melanie Parker, Party Plan 123

About Melanie Parker

Melanie Parker is the founder of Party Plan 123. Her passion is to help direct sellers to learn how to never – ever run out of party bookings again.

Her most recent training includes how to get party bookings with the newest and easiest online marketing technology for direct sellers who want to grow their business through social media and Facebook parties.

Listen to the full broadcast through 5/10/17 on the home business radio Show page.

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