The Objection Crusher: 3 S System

Tim Wilson, the objection crusher, was our guest on the Cash Flow Show- Home Business Radio. He shared his technique for how to overcome objections using the 3 S system.

The 3 S system of crushing objections is similar to the feel, felt found method in that you validate the individual, offer a solution to overcome the concern and ask a question.

Tim Wilson, The Objection Crusher

Known as The Objection Crusher, Tim gave some awesome tips on how to crush objections before they happen!

Crushing objections takes preparation, planning and promotion. By being prepared with simple techniques, then applying the 3 S system of crushing objections, you will overcome objections before they happen.

The 3 – S System Of Crushing Objections:

Objection Crusher

  1. Support The Person: When you say something like “I appreciate you sharing that…” you are supporting them and validating the lead.
  2. Show A Better Way: Refocus the conversation on a solution based on experience or on something that is better than the objection.
  3. Stop The Objection: Asking a question is one of the easiest ways to stop the objection and it will give you more information.

Example Of Objection Crusher

Objection: I am too busy!

  • Support: I know exactly how you feel and appreciate that… seems like everyone has more on their plates these days!
  • Show: My experience is that busy people make the best consultants (hostesses). All those busy time activities you just mentioned are exactly what will make you a great consultant (hostess). You have so many people in your life to share this with!
  • Stop: What kinds of things keep you busy?

When you support the concerned individual, provide an alternative as well as ask a question, you will keep the channels of communication open!

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