A Pet Home Party = New Bookings

Last year we had a bookings sweepstakes asking CFS followers to add to the list of direct sales booking ideas in order to be entered.

One of the best NEW ones that we got was from Tiffney Keating saying:

Have a pet party!
This could happen in a couple ways. You would have guests (make sure all pets have their shots and are non-aggressive) bring their pets to your party!

It could be just any regular party or it could be a special pet-themed party. I sell cooking tools, so I would have a party to make treats or food using my products. Everyone would go home with dog treats (and their dogs!)

Even if you do not sell food or food-related items your products may have benefits to pet owners.
pet home party
How can you use this concept with your product line? Tell us in the comments at the end of this article!

Pet Home Party = Something Different

The more different types of home parties that you can offer, the more people that you will appeal to!

When you increase the variations of a party – online, offline, bridal party, theme party, pet party, video party, multi-host party, office events – you increase your appeal to the leads you already have.

Offering types of parties is a way to get bookings that does not require you to find additional leads…..

I mean, yes you always need to continue to find new leads but when you have multiple types of parties, like a pet home party, each person in your lead pool will engage with different things so you are multiplying your efforts.

It is like a restaurant…
Offer steak only and vegetarians won’t come. Offer tofu only and meat-eaters will shy away, but offer both and you will appeal to both!

I asked Tiffney how many pets she has at an event and she said:
It depends…. I have a nice big back yard… so 8 to 10, 12 tops.

Tiffney Keating
Another great way to capitalize on this concept is to offer it as a fundraiser for no-kill shelters. You will always get takers!
Tiffney Keating, Independent Consultant For Pampered Chef

The Pet Party

  • One pet per person
  • Stress that they have to be friendly, social dogs
  • Plan your demo – how will your product serve pet owners?
  • Create a flier
  • Talk it up at your regular parties
  • Visit veterinarian offices and ask if you can put up fliers.

Create your own pet home party rules and start marketing it!!! It will be fun and make you more versatile!

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