Swap Parties With Other Distributors

Number 53 in the 90+ direct sales booking ideas is to swap parties with other distributors.

There are several ways to do this all of which basically result in sharing client lists with each other. This collaboration will make your business stronger so don’t be fearful of the concept.

Swap Parties With Other Reps

Swap PartiesWhen you swap home parties with other consultants in non-competing product lines your business will become stronger by tapping into their client base of fans who already shop and attend party plan shows.

Sharing data bases can be done in several ways:

  • Reach out 1:1 to distributors you know personally that are in other industries/product lines

If you sell jewelry then contact reps who sell food items. If you sell kids’ books, call your friends who sell jewelry.

Make an agreement to host a home party for each other.

Be very clear with the expectations and treat the home party (regarding host coaching) with as much attention as you would a regular host.

  • Create a group of distributors who all agree to trade parties in a series of events

This can be online or off but is run similarly to a sales train.

The group should not be so large that people lose interest before their turn comes up. Again the expectations should be clearly spelled out for all involved.

  • Participate in quarter auctions if it is legal in your state

A quarter auction is an event that is pretty exciting and essentially ends up with the same results…. you are getting access to the other distributors’ leads and list of clients.

  • Set up group parties with multiple distributors at once

I do not usually advocate this since people coming to a party only have so much money to spend but the holiday season is the exception.

Using an event center, hotel lobby or someone’s home, participate in or organize a holiday open house with multiple consultants. Each distributor normally would conduct mini-parties taking place around the clock.

Each distributor is expected to invite their fans to the event.

If you make a commitment to swap party shows then be sure you are willing to share your data base with the other distributors.

If you have a fear of competition it will not be effective!

The advantage to you when you swap direct sales parties with others in the industry will be a solid data base!

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