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We had another great radio show on party plan bookings last night discussing the many different types of parties you can hold so that you appeal to more people.

What my friend and fellow educator, Melanie Moore calls The Avenue Of Bookings is a bit of a different twist on direct sales bookings.

This show features the many different types of parties that you could perform rather than lead generation systems.
Having multiple party formats will allow you to appeal to a wider variety of personalities.

Visit The Cash Flow Show Radio page to listen to the full broadcast through 7/12/16.

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How To Train Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings is just different party formats. Write a list of the many different types of parties you can provide that will appeal to different clients.

Everyone is not a home party hostess so how can you reach others?

Examples include:

  • Virtual Or Facebook Parties
  • Fundraiser Parties
  • Catalog Shows AKA Book Parties
  • You Plus 2: You sit at the table and talk with them. These parties tend to be $100 per person.
  • 1:1 Shopping Appointment: This is personal for the hostess.
  • Power Product Parties: Always the same date monthly. Based on the monthly specials and invite people whom you meet during the month.
  • Product Preview Parties: Held when the catalog changes.

Have you thought about the different types of parties that will serve the needs of the various market personalities?

In order to listen to the full broadcast of the avenue of bookings radio show visit the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio page through 7/12/16.


    Shared by: Mary:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! Looking forward to getting more parties booked..

    Shared by: Melanie Moore:

    Thanks Deb!! I appreciate the tag and radio mention! Great show! Great ideas – I recommend everyone click through and listen to the whole show!

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