Party Is The Shop Window – Catalog Is The Store

Ann Wills, with Your Inspiration At Home, is our guest on this Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

Her party plan bookings tip is to use your home party as the shop window to create desire for more!

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The Party Is The Shop Window

The shop window entices you in….
the shop window
When you treat your home party like the shop window displaying only a few products that create desire people will ask for more. When someone asks you to see something in the catalog that you do not have then you offer them the opportunity to host a party of their own.

During the course of your presentation most likely several people will ask you for something not in your shop window.

Ann Wills
“9 times out of 10 they want to see something you don’t have so when they ask about it, you say, how about you have your own party so next time I can bring those along!”
Ann Wills, Your Inspiration At Home

It is a perfect opening or window of opportunity to offer them a party of their own!

Ann is a Science & Biology teacher who used her party plan business to replace her career when a serious illness prevented her from returning to work. She has found that direct sales is perfect for someone with a chronic illness as you can work it around your health.

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