I’m Too Busy (An Excuse)

I’m too busy to schedule a home party!

If you hear that from your customers there is a good chance that there is an underlying message that they are not saying.

“I am too busy” does not really mean that they are too busy to host a home party show…

What it really means is that you, the home party plan consultant, have not established enough value for them to have a show. You have not shown that their time will be well spent at the home party.

They have other things that they would rather do!

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I’m Too Busy Means No Fun!

If  you are not getting many bookings at your home party then chances are your show presentation is not fun for the guests. The fun factor is essential to scheduling shows!

Fun really is the biggest commodity going in the party plan environment. Fun is what sells!

Consultant Must Be FREE To Party

It is important for the home party consultant is having fun and is part of the party!!

Your party must flow effortlessly so that you can engage the guests and well, PARTY!!

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When you script out parts of your show and make a plan for your presentation it will free you up to relax and enjoy the party.

The script is not a rule or limiting, it is a plan that removes stress! When you are relaxed and part of the party you will have more fun and so will your customers. You will make more friends and get more bookings!!

When you make your party a REAL party then you will no longer hear the excuse, I am too busy!

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