Organize Parking Lot Trunk Show

A unique and innovative direct sales bookings idea shared by Dawn Mulvey is to organize a parking lot trunk show!

When you are growing your business a step outside of your comfort zone to try this technique of getting your name out there should be a no brainer!

Impromptu Trunk Show For Leads

The very root of direct selling is in the traveling trunk show business….
Trunk Show

A sales event for showing merchandise to potential customers, a trunk show is where direct selling started!

Dawn started doing parking lot shows when she switched companies because her former Company closed. The primary focus has been to get her name out, grow her email list and to book shows.

Since trying this new method of meeting people (over the Winter) she added about 30 names to her email list and booked 2 home parties.

She now plans to do more events and is looking forward to warmer weather and increase Spring results.

These are all great reasons to host a trunk show!

What’s A Trunk Show?

Simply set up your display in your trunk and open the trunk in parking lots that have a good bit of traffic like the local shopping center, a busy doctor’s office, or anywhere there are people!

This is what you need:

  • A simple product display (in your trunk)
  • Lots of catalogs to pass out (make sure your info is on them)
  • Prize drawing slips to collect their information (everyone is a winner when they host a show)
  • Anything you normally take when displaying at a vendor event/show
Dawn Mulvey
Dawn Says: Step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself and your company. I do the same at a trunk show as I do at a vendor event…. and the trunk show is free!
Dawn Mulvey, Signature HomeStyles
As people are passing by they will see your display and out of curiosity ask about what you are showing.


    Shared by: Tracey:

    How do you approach people in the parking.lot? What is the “hook”? Sounds like fun!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, Tracey – it is not so much you approaching them but creating an interesting display and then as they approach you engage them as you would at a vendor event.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    Shannon, I have not asked to set up as I am not selling anything. I have done them by myself and with team members. Hope that helps.

    Shared by: Shannon:

    Do you ask anyone if it’s okay to set up? Are you out there by yourself?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Shannon – Dawn said that she does not ask set up as she is not selling anything. She sometimes brings team members but does them alone as well. Hope that helps.

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