Write An E-Book For Bookings

Suggested by Karla Jones, of Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, tip number 98 on our ongoing list of direct sales booking ideas is to write an e-book on a topic that relates to your product line that has such great value that people share it and it ‘goes viral’!
Listen to Karla on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio as she explains how she shares her e-book.

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How To Train Bookings

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Write An E-Book

An e-book is nothing more than a virtual book, usually in PDF form, that provides value to the reader.

The Cash Flow Show offers many virtual direct selling books, some free and others that are purchased at a moderate price.

When you write an e-book the goal is to provide enough value to the reader that they want to share it with their friends and family and they also want to contact you for more information about booking a party or shopping.

Each e-book has value in itself, by way of a topic, but it also has suggestions for other products, opportunities or services that the reader may want to take advantage of.

Similar to offering yourself as a workshop presenter at the library, it’s not a catalog or a pitch to sell your products.

It is a way to add value to the reader and create desire for MORE!

Market Your E-Book For Bookings

The goal of writing an e-book is to get it into as many hands as possible and then those people love it so much that they share it with friends and become party of your marketing force. write-an-e-book
(PC: Right click then save | Mobile: Click and hold)

As a first time effort writing an e-book Karla did a beautiful job! Check it out and save it to your computer… share with friends!
Download Karla’s Style Handbook Here

After creating your e-book in a word document you should export it to a PDF file then upload it to your website or some other location online so that you have a URL to share that allows people to download it and/or print it.

You then just market your e-book:

  • At parties
  • In the newsletter
  • In Facebook groups and on your fan page
  • Share the URL in every social site
  • Create an option on your blog so that you add people to the newsletter list

You can reach Karla by visiting her Facebook page.

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