How To Qualify Leads At Expos

Fairs and expos will bring you an unlimited supply of quality network marketing, direct sales or MLM leads!

Learning how to qualify leads at an event is essential to your success!

Any time that you put into finding fairs and expos, setting them up and working them is well worth it, because they will bring you an UNLIMITED supply of leads!

This technique on qualifying leads is part of the Power Up For Professional Results direct sales and marketing program.

How To Qualify Leads At Expos

Everyone that you met is not an ideal customer!

It is important to learn how to qualify leads to determine if the person is a good prospect for your business.

Using this system of sorting people out you will come home with a shorter stack of leads but they will be waiting for you to call!

Wouldn’t you rather bring home 8-20 quality leads that will answer the phone, as opposed to 100s of prospects who you cannot reach.

Use this system and you will get massive results from your expo experience. Teaching your team how to qualify leads should be party of your basic training program.

Take team members to your events when they are brand new so that they learn from listening to you.

Prospecting At Your Expo Booth To Qualify Leads

When prospecting at the vendor booth remember that the attendees are guests and we are at work.

This is part of the Power Up For Professional Results direct sales and marketing program and also available as a stand alone step by step trade show training guide.


Our purpose at an expo is to find new business, either potential hosts or potential consultants.

We are not there to sell, book, recruit or to close deals.

We are looking for good leads!

Do not come to the fair expecting to schedule a lot of shows on the spot. It may happen, so be prepared to do so. Scheduling shows, signing consultations and selling product takes time.

When engaging in closing deals, you may be letting the best lead walk past. Plan to close the deal in the follow-up.How To Qualify Leads

Do not spend too much time with one guest, as a good lead will walk right by.

At the show we are qualifying the guests, so that follow up may be prioritized.

Don’t let anyone walk away without your name and phone number in some form.

When at the booth we are at work.

Your job at the vendor event is to network with the guests and also to network with the other vendors.

Your mission is prospecting for good leads not sitting around waiting for them to come to you.

How To Qualify Leads

YOUR JOB is to QUALIFY the guest as they walk by which means that you must ENGAGE them before they pass.

  • Be prepared with a simple statement or question which you are comfortable saying that will stop them or at least get them to pause such as “Have you ever been to a XXXX show?”; or Are you familiar with XXXXX?

When they answer and pause you are going to ask them a question that requires them to think a bit more.

If they won’t or don’t pause, then they are not a qualified lead! Be prepared with a couple of questions that require some thought.

One may be for the one who has heard of your company such as “What is your favorite product?” and the other depending on your product line something that gives you more information like “What type of makeup do you wear?”.

When qualifying a lead you are determining if they have an interest in what you are offering.

So, from here you offer an invitation to those who continue to engage.

If they do not want to engage, then they are not a good lead.

Basically you want to sweep them away if they have no interest.”  Here is my card (or an old catalog)… Call me if you need anything…have a nice day!”

If they seem to have an interest in learning more about your company or services, then you INVITE them to come into the booth to learn more, and to enter the prize drawing.

Do not offer the prize drawing as a form of engagement!!

  • With a series of 2-3 questions it is your job to determine if they are interested in learning more.

Get the DETAILS:  The details are the information which you gathered after they have chosen to enter your booth to learn more information. Once they come in, you give them the prize drawing slip and continue to converse with them. It is a good idea to have some pre-thought questions at this time as well.

Take the prize drawing slip from them and after they leave make quick notes on it.

This info will be the ice breaker for the follow up call, e.g. 3 kids, loves a specific product, has these items, wants this service you have, is a teacher, etc. Any tidbit of info which you can use to establish rapport when you call back.

Then you will SWEEP them away, here is a catalog, I will call you when you have won the drawing!!

Rate – Qualify Leads Immediately

CODE each lead Immediately:

  • G=green, definitely call, this is a hot lead.
  • Y=yellow, not a great lead, but call after you call all the greens.
  • R=red, don’t waste your time unless really desperate!

Usually you would throw red leads away. Tonight or tomorrow when you are looking at the slips, you will be able to quickly separate them into priority calls. Be sure to take notes! And also, do not take too much time making notes, because your best lead may be walking by!!

Follow Up On Leads

Follow up is essential.

This training is part of the Power Up For Professional Results direct sales and marketing program. How To Qualify Leads

If you do not follow up within 48 hours, than you are wasting your time.

Follow up within 48 hours.

Consider offering a second prize of a gift certificate for free XXXX at the show. If you leave a message that they won something, they will surely call you back.

When you speak with them, be prepared with your rapport-building information to establish a bond before offering the opportunity to schedule a show or joining the team.

What To Bring To A Fair Or Expo

What to bring to a fair or expo depends a bit on your products and company but this is a good starter list: business cards, old catalogs, and current catalogs, (You should give out a lot of old catalogs, and only the current ones to “green” leads).

Also information for potential consultants, prize drawing slips stamped with your name, stickers to put on the old catalogs that are in the booth already, your calendar, pen, host packets, (personally I mail them, after a confirmation phone call), opportunity information, and anything else you want to give away.

Networking For Leads At Vendor Events

Networking for leads at vendor events requires one really important thing to achieve success:


Deb teaches this workshop each year to the vendors at the annual York County Chamber of Commerce Expo.


    Shared by: Maria Savich:

    I never used to use color codes. Now when I come home from a vender show I know who to call first. It’s all about making better systems. Thanks Deb!

    Shared by: Theresa:

    Great tips on vendor events. I do them several times a year but, never thought about “qualifying” someone even for the drawing! Will incorporate these great tips this coming year for sure. Thanks!

    Shared by: Lauren Kelly:

    I need to do more vendor events in 2015. Thanks for the tips Deb.

    Shared by: Dawn:

    Great tips! Vendor events are the perfect way to grow your business!

    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    I do more vendor events in a year than parties and our company doesn’t do any vendor training. This is another valuable aspect of our biz; it is time and $ expensive to do w/o good training, and your article has help me immensely. I am more prepared and more relaxed when I do them. I have seen a bigger result from using your advice. TY!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad it is working, Linda! Thanks for letting us know!

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