"Increase Cash Flow – Sales" Posts

Learn how to increase sales in a small business. Make a plan to increase work from home income. Make more money with less effort.

Fill Income Gap December – January

after holiday sales
Learn what you can do to fill that income gap over the holidays. Don't just sit back... take action and keep the cash flowing during the holiday down time.

Catalog Shows Are Gravy…

Increase home party business income with catalog shows. Make sure that 1/3 of your income is from catalog shows. Read how!

Do An Awesome Party Show Tally!

show tally
Use party show tally to explain the hostess benefits the day of the show. Your sales & bookings will sky rocket! Use party show tally to incentivize host.

FLOW = More Sales At Party

sales at party
Do these simple things at your home show to increase the sales at party. The Cash Flow Show is a system of presentation techniques. Read part 2 of series.

The Upsell: Upselling And Cross Selling

Increase sales with an Upsell at Checkout. Upselling vs cross selling - Learn how to use them both to increase your home party sales.