Acronym SHOW: Sales After Show

This is the last IN a three-part article about the theme of this site Create A Cash Flow Show, meaning “create a consistent cash flow show” schedule in your party plan business.
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Create A Cash Flow Show is an acronym for what has to happen in your party plan business to create consistent cash flow month in and month out.

Read the first article in this series on how to create a consistent show schedule if you have not done so yet.

The C in Cash is for cash register. Use the phone to make your cash register ring.
The A in Cash is attitude and attendees
The S in Cash is Sales before the show.
The H in Cash is for Host Coaching which is the back bone of your business.

F in Flow is for the most important thing and that is FUN!!
L in Flow is for look and listen for leads.
O in Flow is for show organization.
Win Flow is what to take, what to talk about and word choices.

The S in Show is for Sales after the show and show tally
The H in Show is for host coaching and host appreciation.
The O in Show is for opportunity and out of the box customer service.
The W in Show in wrap-up and willingness.

Sales After Show

Creating cash flow after the show (getting sales after show) hinges on having sales before the show.

There is no cash flow after the show if there is no cash flow before the show.

Like a moving train… it may take effort to get it going but it is tough to stop once it is rolling along!create a cash flow show
Recently I had lunch with a friend who was at a live CFS seminar and she said that it is too much work for her, so she is not going to do it.

Everything good involves effort.

The beauty of this and all of these systems is that it takes less effort after you put them in place. Just like a train, the effort to get it moving sometimes seems like work.

Once you are rolling along though it becomes effortless. The momentum in your business will become easy when you put systems into place. This system of Creating cash flow will work for you when you put the effort into setting it up.

H = Increase Sales After Your Show With Coaching

The H is show is for host coaching after the show and for host appreciation both of which are just fancy names for customer service. Sales means to serve and a home party business that is successful is founded in solid customer service principles.

After the show host coaching includes:

  • Doing your show tally to keep the momentum going and generating sales after the show.
  • Encouraging the host to ask the outside orders to schedule a show so she/he gets extra credit.
  • Leverage the momentum that you have created by host coaching the host for orders before the show.

Host appreciation does not end after the show. I strongly recommend the “day after” phone call to thank the host for inviting you to their house.

A phone call from you the day before her shipment is to arrive would be nice and another call 3-4 days after she/he receives the products to see if they got the orders out of the box and distributed them. There is nothing worse than arriving at a show 6 months later only to find a host distributing the products that she/he held in the trunk or basement for 6 months. Share the value of fast distribution with your host.

A snail mail thank you not will set you apart from your competition.

Sharing The Opportunity is the O in SHOW

Sales After ShowYour business opportunity should always be part of your wrap up.

On your show tally, put down how much the host would have made had he/she been the sales professional.

Ask the host, how did you enjoy being a consultant for the past 6 weeks? Compliment the host on her/his sales skills and ability to generate sales and interest in hosting. When you put on the show tally her/his commission, it will remind you to ask them again if they have ever thought of doing what you do?

Memorize those words, “Have you ever thought about doing what I do? No… oh well, you were so terrific at putting this show together and gathering up orders, I thought you would be an awesome consultant…You should keep it in the back of your mind if you ever need an additional steam of income into your home.”

The O in Show is also “out of the box” calls. As mentioned above encourage your host to get the products out of the shipping box and distribute them. Another “out of the box” call could take place a month or so down the road to each guest.


You can wrap it up in person for that personal touch or you can wrap it up on the phone for the convenience of all. Either way always encourage more orders by saying:

  • “Wow you did terrific, you’re at $674 now, you are only $26 away for an additional $xyz for free, if you had another day is there anyone else who may want to order?”
  • Then on the next day when the host comes back with another order or two and sales are now $733you say “Wow you are only $67 away from the $800 level; would you like another day?”

You could go on like this forever. Working the system like this, you will occasionally have a host go from say $555 to $1000, and that is because you got the train moving before the show and everything is already in place. The orders are easier to get after the show when the system is already set up for it.

  • Another way to increase cash flow after the show is if your company pays you a commission on what the host buys at a discount or at half price, then be sure to encourage them to take advantage of the awesome discounts. Always ask, would you like anything else at your discount, Christmas, birthday gifts, etc.

Last and not least, compliment your host one more time on the terrific show she/he had, and the terrific sales consultant she/he was for the past month and ask if she/he would like you to teach her how to create an additional stream of income.

You can not stop a moving train! Is your party plan a moving train? Are you creating A Cash Flow Show!?
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Willingness Working From Home

  • Willing to make the effort
  • Willing to educate your self
  • Willing to invest time and money in your business
  • Willing to TAKE ACTION
  • Willing to stay committed

Willingness is essential when working from home!

Put YOUR train in motion with the Cash Flow Show systems of party plan presentation!


    Shared by: Renee Hagan:

    I love the suggestion of setting specific goals with our hostesses, and telling them how to reach their goals. I excited to try this in my Thirty One business.

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