Last Minute Summer Sales Solutions!

When looking for summer sales solutions there are 5 areas of focus to consider.

  1. More Bookings
  2. More People
  3. More Money Per Person
  4. More Skill
  5. More Willingness

There are several things you can do to increase summer sales, so where do you want to put your focus?

Summer Sales Solutions!

In order to increase summer sales you must be willing to go to any lengths to increase sales.  Often a direct seller will say they want more bookings or more sales but they are not willing to take the action necessary to make that happen.

This was apparent in the recent Cash Flow Show “Super Sensational Simple Summer Sales Solutions” webinar event!

It is amazing how many consultants paid for the event but then never joined the Zoom meeting and did not watch the replay either, since they did not join the Facebook group!!

Summer Sales

In the event, we discussed simple things that you can do to date more summer parties, increase the number of people at all the dated shows, how to increase the guest check average, some skills to get the date on the calendar and WILLINGNESS!!

Are you willing?!

Increase Summer Sales With More Bookings

On our list of 108 ways to find direct sales bookings there are many lead generation techniques that will bring you last minute summer bookings.

In the Summer Sales Solutions event we discussed:

There really are unlimited bookings out there and it is not too late to add some this summer!

Get More People At Every Party!

The key to high guest show attendance is host coaching.

No matter what type of event, host coaching is essentially the backbone of the party.  Whether it be online, offline, text, catalog or fundraising events, host coaching is the key to success!!

Make sure that every event is the best it can possibly be by host coaching each event for more bookings and higher attendance.

More $ Per Customer

Once the party is dated and the  host filled the room, it is your job to make sure everyone has FUN, create desire for the products and the opportunity to host a party.

  • More people in the room = More Fun!!
  • More diversity in the audience = More Fun!
  • More fun = Higher Sales!
  • More fun = More bookings!

It is not too late to increase summer sales if you are willing to put the effort into it!

If you have the willingness to take action then join the Facebook group to watch the replay of the “Super Sensational Simple Summer Sales Solutions!”

You will learn simple things you can do NOW to increase summer sales.

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