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These are the direct sales and marketing systems that Deb used to quit her real world “job”.

Professionalism is an attitude… not a time commitment!

  • Professional Best Business Practices
  • Direct Sales Marketing Strategies
  • Techniques To Transition To Entrepreneur
  • Systems Of Lead Generation – Find Business
  • Stop Depending On Friends And Family
  • Professional Recruiting Techniques
  • Using The Home Office Deduction
  • IRS Direct Sales Specific Business Plan Template
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A Real Action Based System To Quit Your Job!

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Grace Keohohou, direct selling women's allianceA Testimonial From Direct Selling Women’s Alliance co-founder, Grace Keohohou

Deb gives specific ideas that we can apply immediately for greater success. I appreciate her teaching style and wealth of knowledge.

I encourage you to listen and read her material – I have and it has made a positive difference. Her direct selling marketing programs are real action systems that work for any product line! More Testimonials

The Power UP program is a training program that has been used by 1000s to grow a home business quickly! Whether you want to quit your job or just supplement your income this is the program of professionalism for direct sales consultants!

A Proven Direct Sales And Marketing Strategy!

In 1999 Deb Bixler went to her very first home party, signed up to be a consultant the next month and before the year was up had replaced her full time $80,000 career with her party plan business.

The Power Up program is the direct sales and marketing strategies that she used. They will work for you too!

This program will give you an understanding of how to run a business like a professional so that you get professional results!

You will learn the best business practices that all successful businesses thrive on and how to apply them to your home business.

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The Power Up direct sales and marketing business building program works for ALL party plan, direct sales and network marketing professionals.

Regardless of whether you want to quit your job or not, when you incorporate the best business practices that all successful businesses use you too will achieve success.

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