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Recruiting 101 AKA “Stop Recruiting… Start Sharing!”

On of the direct sales industry’s top tutorials on the basics of recruiting, Recruiting 101 not for sale!

Recruiting 101 is a bonus that is included with our premium products but is not sold separately.

Using these step-by-step actions and systems, you will become an awesome recruiter and grow a massive team.

Direct Sales Recruiting

Direct Sales Marketing Recruitment

You and your team will become recruiting machines and market your opportunity everywhere you go!

  • Attract people who want your opportunity
  • The 4-question interview
  • On the spot recruiting
  • The secret to more yeses
  • How to intuitively know when to close the deal
  • How to qualify and keep your new reps
  • Teach new consultants how to recruit from day 1

Your entire team will have a caring and sharing attitude when you stop recruiting and start making friends and sharing!

Sign your whole up for the Direct Sales Recruiting University!

“Stop Recruiting… Start Sharing!” Training !

Recruiting 101 MP3 downloads are a FREE bonus download with the home party plan training program, Create A Cash Flow Show as well as with the Power UP For Professional Results program which focuses on becoming a full time direct sales and marketing consultant.

The Recruiting 101 CDs are sold at live events.

Direct Sales Recruiting University

Designed for sales leaders who want to grow a caring and sharing direct sales team, this program is for serious leaders.

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It is college for direct sales leaders!