Direct Sales Training

When you work at home you are working for yourself but that does not mean you are alone!

One of the biggest mistakes made by direct sellers is that they do not take advantage of all the direct sales training courses available to them within their company as well as available on sites like the Cash Flow Show.

Cash Flow Show Direct Sales Training Store

The Cash Flow Show direct sales training store offers ACTION-based home party plan specific training for direct sellers of all companies.

Not in party plan? The training will still work for you!

Party Plan Sales

success in direct sales
This training is all about the show!

The premier training product on the Cash Flow Show website is all about the PARTY!

  • A System Of Presentation
  • Get More Bookings At Parties!

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Direct Sales And Marketing

direct sales resources power-up-square
A program to make direct sales your career.

Direct sales and marketing systems that Deb used to quit her real world “job.”

  • Direct Sales Marketing Strategies
  • Transition To Entrepreneur

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The Whole Shebang

direct sales success power-up-real-cds-square
Both of the above!

The ‘How To’ for serious direct sellers!

  • Cash Flow Show Presentation Training
  • Power Up Direct Sales Marketing System
  • The Recruiting 101 Bonus

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Direct Selling Training Club

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60 downloads per year includes

the Bookings University & Radio Shows.

  • 16 Online Video Webinars (24/7 Access)
  • Download EVERY Cash Flow Show Radio
  • 24 MORE Private Training Seminars

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Direct Sales Recruiting

direct sales recruiting
The Direct Sales Recruiting University

For teams or singles who are serious about growing a team.

  • 6 Video Training Modules
  • MP3 Audio Version Downloads
  • 6 Months Access

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Hostess Coaching

hostess direct sales coaching
CDs to give you $1000 shows!

An hostess coaching system to drive your business!

  • Increase Attendance
  • Reduce Cancellations
  • Get More Bookings!

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Direct Selling Books

success in direct sales books
$7 E-Books in every topic.

These home party business training electronic books actually TALK!

  • Includes Audio Recording
  • Scripts mentioned on the talking segment
  • PDF File To Send To Your Team

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Direct Sales Scripts

direct sales tools golden scripts square
The Little Golden Book Of Scripts.

A series of proven scripts that work in any direct sales business!

  • Are you always wondering what to say next?
  • Turn a casual conversation into a lead!
  • Party Plan Specific Scripts!

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ACTION Based Training!

Direct Sales TrainingWhile we may occasionally launch off into some motivational mumbo-jumbo, for the most part the educational opportunities on this site are all proven ACTION steps.

This site was created as a result of Deb Bixler’s frustration (when she launched her party plan business) in finding real life actions that work rather than a lot of FLUFFY stuff.

A Simple Business Model That Works!

While direct sales is a simple business model based on referral marketing that will work for anyone, unfortunately many do not succeed.

Most likely you have not had the experience of running a party plan business before.

In order to succeed in your business it is important to take advantage of EVERY training opportunity available to you.

Don’t give up! With quality direct sales training, time and experience you WILL succeed provided that you stick with it!

So, dig in!

Take action and use the FREE training that we offer at no charge and if you like what you see and learn, then take a closer look at the direct sales training store!

Confused Which To Get? Contact Us!

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to assist you in finding the direct sales training or coaching that you are looking for!

Deb Bixler WILL answer the phone (717-751-2793) or call you back quickly!

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