"Team Training & Coaching" Posts

Learn direct selling team training systems: Get party plan consultants off to a strong start, plan great meetings & boost direct sales team retention.

New Consultant Training Momentum

Learn how to conduct new consultant training and get your team members off to a great start so that they take action immediately. Action = Retention!

Organize Your Thoughts At Conference

Organize Your Thoughts
Learn How To Organize Your Thoughts From Conference! Take 30 minutes and make a plan to Organize Your Thoughts so that you get the most out of your conference attendance and education! Create Momentum!

Chicken & Stars Training Theme

team meeting themes
The training theme, chicken and stars will stay with your team all month so that they actually take action after the meeting is over! Read how!

Team Meeting Theme: Planting Seeds

team meeting themes
Planting seeds for the future AKA the Johnny Appleseed Team Meeting Theme is a great hands on theme that will keep your team coming back!

Encourage Team Collaboration For The Good Of All

Learn how to encourage team collaboration so that they work together as a group and become high performers. Encouraging collaboration is a leader's job.