"Team Training & Coaching" Posts

Learn direct selling team training systems: Get party plan consultants off to a strong start, plan great meetings & boost direct sales team retention.

Connect With Facebook Team Group

facebook team group
Use a Facebook team group to get the attention of new distributors immediately. They are already in FB so increase retention by grabbing their interest.

What Makes A Great Leader?!

Phyllis O'neill
Learn what makes a great leader by the great leader, Phyllis O'neill. A direct sales success story shares what she looks for in her team.

Team Customer Service Calls – They Are Customers Too!

team customer service
Learn how to make team customer service calls to find out the information you want and also serve their needs! They are your customers too!

How To Pick A Small Business Coach

Pick A Small Business Coach
A small business coach is an important investment for anyone working from home. Read the process to follow when picking a direct sales business coach.

Learn About The High 5 Club For Leaders

High 5 Club
Grow your team with the high 5 club. Using the high five club elements to create a team of leaders with a duplicate-able system of team development.

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