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Team Leader Tips: 4 Leaders On The Radio!

Posted by Deb Bixler

Great show!!

Each set on this Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast features a different direct sales leader and their quick tips on getting new team members off to a great start!

4 different companies, 4 different leaders, 4 super starter tips!

You can listen to the first set here 24/7 and/or check the schedule to listen to the full show which will broadcast daily through 10/21/14.
Home Business Radio-Team Leader Tips

4 Team Leader Tips

  • Sandy Kreps, Scentsy Family: Set the date for the first party BEFORE joining. Sandy’s segment can be listened to above 24/7.
  • Isabel Acosta, Life Shotz: Conduct a Strategy Session with your new team member within 48 hours of her or him getting started.
  • Gwen Marie Cleck, Jordan Essentials: Set yourself up for success by committing to use a goal card.
  • Brian Hurlburt: Watkins Products Company: Expect Speed Bumps and plan to overcome them

Everyone had GREAT tips to get your team off to a great start!

I especially liked the visual of the tic-tac-toe style goal card that Gwen talked about!

Listen to the full “Team Leader Tips” show through October 21, 2014.

–> On any computer just type in and you will be taken straight to the radio show page for online listening.

–> On a tablet or SmartPhone: Just get the ‘wsRadio’ FREE app in your app center then tune in at the scheduled time. We are in studio B.

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What To Do About Inactive Status Consultants?

Posted by Deb Bixler

This was a topic request that I have been mulling over and putting off.

The actual request was to write about “getting inactive consultants back to active status“…. I am not sure that I have an answer to that!

The real answer is to prevent inactive status from occurring in the first place!

Join us this Wednesday, October 8th on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio as 4 leaders share tips to get your super starters off to a good start.

Each set on this Cash Flow Show Radio will feature a different direct sales leader and their quick tips on getting new team members off to a great start!

4 Different Companies, 4 Different Leaders, 4 Tips!

  • Sandy Kreps, Scentsy Family
  • Isabel Acosta, Life Shotz
  • Gwen Marie Cleck, Jordan Essentials
  • Brian Hurlburt: Watkins Products Company

Inactive Consultant Status

Apply For Business ScholarshipsInactive consultant status means something different in every company.

It is usually based on reaching certain personal sales minimums for a specific period of time which normally occurs in a rolling window.

For Example:
Submit $200 in personal sales during every 60 day period.

This “rolling window” basically means that you must submit $200 in retail sales for April and May, then May and June, and again in June and July.

So, if you were to submit $74 in April you would be required to submit $126 in May, then assuming you did so, then another $74 in June, $126 in July and so on… the 60 day window rolls along and must always add up to $200.

It sounds easy enough!

Most passionate consultants could consume or buy for themselves at that level.

The fact though is that it is tough to meet those minimums when you are working at the minimum level!

Consultants working at low levels can become very stressed trying to meet these minimum requirements.

It is easier to submit more than it is to just meet the minimums!

When you have a good understanding of what makes a good sales rep, chances are your team will have a lower inactive status rate.

  • During the interview process set the tone or the bar for working at higher levels.

While most leaders would say “the minimum is only $200 per 60 days; anyone can do that!” instead when asked about minimums be honest but set the bar by saying something like:

“Honestly, it is easier to do more shows than work at the minimum level!

You said you were interested in paying the credit card bill off….

When you do 4 shows per month you could expect to submit far above the minimums and earn $500 – $1000 per month.

Do you have one day a week to invest in doing parties outside the home?

Get your new consultants off to a terrific start by taking advantage of the work your company has already done by leveraging the starter kit.

The kit has built in tools that are designed to create success. Use them and reference them instead of recreating the wheel!

How you conduct your new consultant training will affect their results as well.

  • One-on-one coaching in a systematic fashion that begins before they even sign up will get them off to a great start!

The consultant who has shows dated before they sign on the dotted line is the consultant who kicks off her or his business with a bang.

Your team will not go inactive if they are making money!

  • Make sure that the money part happens quickly by launching their party business with one or two practice shows dated within 10 days of their start date.

The Consultant Has Gone Into Inactive Status

So, what do you do if they DO go into inactive status, despite your best efforts?

This is what I recommend:

  • From the day they start, coach them as if they are a success.
  • Always act as if they are going to do it!
  • If they do not respond, continue to coach them by phone through the super starter period.
  • Once they go inactive (even if it is long after the initial start date) keep them informed.

Depending on your company policies, educate them so they understand the ramifications of being inactive. Most likely at this point they may be non-responsive.

So, just coach them via messages and keep them informed.

Something like this:

Prior To Inactive Status:

Lisa, just wanted to let you know that you are about to go inactive. This is not the end of the world but you will lose your career sales which means your commissions may drop as well.  in order to stay active you should submit $XYZ before the last day of this month.  Call me and we can figure out how to solve this for you!


Hey, Lisa – just wanted to follow up… your inactive status took effect on the first of the month. This does not mean you are no longer a distributor, it just means that you are not eligible for the benefits and product discounts. It is easy to return to active status though. Just submit $200 commission-able sales in any two month period before the end of the year and automatically you will be back on the rosters. Hope to see you at the next meeting – we are talking about bookings!  Call me and let me know how I may serve you!

Prior To Total Removal From Roster:

Lisa, just wanted to touch base again. We miss you at the meetings. I know you joined MyFantasticCompany so that your husband could quit his second job. The Fall is an awesome time of the year and sales are high…. you have 30 days till you are removed from the company roster permanently, so give me a call so I can help you reach your goals. I am here for you when you decide!

After Total Termination:

Hi it’s me again, don’t forget about MyFantasticCompany!  I will always be here and I know you have what it takes to make it with this company so even though you are no longer with us, let me know what I can do for you and remember you are awesome – we would love to have you rejoin anytime you want!

If someone goes into inactive status and you have given them everything it takes to be successful then there really is nothing you can do for them.

You cannot want it for them more than they want it.  Recognize when it is time to ‘Bless and Release!”

I would keep them on the newsletter list and reach out to them without being a total bug until they are totally off the roster. At that point, an occasional postcard or call once a year, maybe at the holidays, to remind them that you are still there if they want to give it another shot.

You cannot make anyone do anything they do not want to do….
So invest your time in those who do want what you have to offer!

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Learn How To Play The Ice Breaker Bingo Game

Posted by Deb Bixler

Meeting ice breakers are an important ingredient in direct sales training and should be incorporated into every business meeting.

Ice breakers serve as a great way to introduce people, start conversations, and motivate people to interact at an event. They are perfect for staff meetings, to kick off an event or to begin direct sales training meetings.

The best managers, business owners and team leaders use ice breakers to initiate meetings and enhance team cohesiveness.

A good ice breaker can help build team chemistry, generate enthusiasm and get team members to become involved. They can range from silly games to formal introductions.

They can be creative, insightful, or humorous. Breaking the ice with games can help to create and build team cohesion.

The Ice Breaker Bingo Game

Click the image to save or print a full sized bingo grid like the one pictured below.

Icebreaker Bingo GameOne of the best ice breaker games to get team members and groups chatting and interacting is the ice breaker bingo game.

It’s a little silly, but most people enjoy it as it helps to create an informal and friendly atmosphere.

It works like this:

Prior to the meeting, use paper or poster board to create some game boards.

Inside small squares on the boards, fill in various characteristics, attributes and personal qualities.

The boards will look similar to bingo boards, only the squares will have personal characteristics instead of numbers.

This related article on Bingo Games For Parties has a blank printable bingo grid that you may want to download to enter your own criteria.

Some of the possible items can be:

  • Was born in a different state (than the one in which the meeting is taking place)
  • Wears size 9 shoes
  • Is left-handed
  • First name begins with “T”
  • Owns a Japanese car
  • Has been to Hawaii
  • Has been to more than 10 countries
  • Played a varsity sport in high school

The list of characteristics or personal facts is endless.

In an ideal world you may have more than one set of cards with questions on them. If you really want to get serious there are websites that allow you to create your own bingo cards. Just search for “make bingo cards’ and several will show up.

Be as creative and humorous as possible without being offensive or exclusionary. The more humorous and creative, the better the game will work as an ice breaker.

During the networking portion of the meeting, everyone receives an ice breaker bingo game card.

They then talk, chat and network with other team members and attempt to match each square with a person in the room.

For every characteristic that matches, the team members should write down one item or person’s name on each square.

Prizes for the top three BINGO finishers are up to you, but the real prize is that a team that engages with each other benefits more from the meeting and comes back again to see their friends.

Pick Networking Games For Group

There are a few important keys to making meeting ice breakers effective.

The first key is to understand your team or audience.

Don’t make an introduction game silly or puerile if you feel that your audience is more serious.

Everyone enjoys a little silliness, but playing games too childish for your audience will only serve to make you seem foolish. Another key for implementing and using the right ice breaker is complexity and timing.

The type of ice breaker will depend on the length of the time for networking as well as the size of the group. Understanding your audience will help you create an ice breaker that is an ideal fit.

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Make The Most Of The Starter Kit!

Posted by Deb Bixler

Getting your new consultant off to a great start can sometimes be as simple as using the super starter kit the way it was designed!

The starter kit was not just thrown together without any thought. Your company had a plan and put careful consideration into what they wanted to accomplish when creating the kit.

The starter kit is designed to get your team member off to a great start and it usually includes training, sales tools, and samples. Most likely they included what it takes to become a qualified consultant.

If it takes 6 shows to become a qualified consultant then the kit would normally provide the new distributor with everything they need for their first 6 shows.

starter kitA qualified consultant is a successful consultant!

Use The Starter Kit To Train

The company had a well-thought-out plan when they put together the kit so use it as a tool to set the bar for new consultant expectations.

Refer to the kit in your new consultant training just like you would refer a hostess to the hostess benefit package.

The more you can get your new consultant into the kit the quicker they will take action!

Another example of leveraging the kit is to use the hostess benefit flier in training.

The hostess benefit flier usually has a chart or worksheet for the hostess to list use that helps her/him to think of as many people as possible to invite to the party.

Suggest that the consultant get out the hostess flier and use it to explain the benefits to them.

Then ask the new consultant to create a list using the same hostess memory jogging sheet to help them think of who they should plan to contact about their new business.

Get your new distributor into the kit by reinforcing what the company has focused on.

Use words that set the same expectations that the company did. On the first call to your new distributor or even when interviewing the potential consultant before they join, you may say things like:

“Your super starter kit has everything you need for the first 6 shows. When (not if) you do those in the first 60 days you will (not could) earn an additional $560 in free products.”

Reference the literature that reinforces the bars that the corporate office has set. The bonus fliers, the hostess benefit package, the compensation plan literature are all in the kit for a reason.

Most likely there is a ‘fast start’ checklist of some sort…. clear instructions of what to do first!

Use it to your advantage by communicating with your new team member with the same messages!

2nd Purpose Of Starter Kit

There are many considerations when putting together the kit.  The second primary purpose of a starter kit, one not often discussed, is to prevent kit-nappers.

The first 2 purposes of the kit are:

  1. To get your consultant off to a good start by including what it takes to be a successful direct seller.
  2. Create a barrier for non-working starters and kit-nappers.

Your kit requirements, monetary investment and commitment levels are designed to eliminate people who just want free products and have no plans to do anything.

When interviewing your interested leads do not minimize the requirements of buying the kit. Some companies go as far as to actually say something like this in the agreement:

“You are getting X amount of products at this greatly reduced price and in exchange for that awesome deal you are agreeing to do at least 6 shows in your first 60 days.”

If the written requirements or implied expectations are to do 6 shows in your first 60 days after buying the kit, then share that with your lead.

By forgetting to mention the expectations or just glossing over them, you are making it sound too easy!

The entry bars, whether they be financial or work required, are there to reduce the number of dropouts.

Think carefully before offering a free kit…. often a free kit does nothing more than waste your money!

When someone understands what is expected of them before joining, the chances of getting consultants who actually DO the work and achieve success are greatly increased!

Your new consultant is an asset that needs to be developed!

Leverage the thought that your company has put into creating the kit to save time and money!

You do not have to recreate the wheel!

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One-On-One Coaching Requires 2

Posted by Deb Bixler

One-on-one coaching with consultants is often one of the most rewarding experiences for a leader and yet it can be equally frustrating as well!

Coaching and mentoring a team is often a parallel experience in that one of the most important aspects of being a leader can also be a thorn in your side!

One-On-One Coaching: Match Your Time To Theirs!

It may be difficult, especially for new leaders, to accept and master the fact that often the consultant does not want what we think they should want.

one-one-one coachingEveryone joins direct sales to be successful and yet many do not participate in the activities that guarantee that success.

Direct sales is a duplicate-able system.

This means that when a consultant participates in the proven techniques, training and coaching programs that their leader performed and participated in then they will get the same results.

Unfortunately, many new distributors join thinking it will be EASY!

While it is simple, it certainly is not easy!

This is where the leaders’ frustrations often develop.  Team members profess to want the benefits attributed to a successful direct seller but are not willing to do what it takes to get there!

Set The Bar Before They Sign Up

Working with your team starts before they even sign up. During the interview process it is important to set the bar for new consultants.
(This is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.)

Answer their questions in a way that establishes expectations.

  • Will I be expected to attend meetings?

You are in business for yourself but you are not alone. We do not require you to go to meetings or tell you what to do but the most successful consultants DO go to meetings!

  • How do I find business?

When I first started I had the same concern…. what I have found though is that there is plenty of business for those willing to go out and get it.  I take my team to a vendor event every month and use the showroom floor to teach you how to find business and also learn good word choices.

Notice how these types of answers are alleviating the concern and at the same time also implying that they will have to learn something and take some actions to achieve success.

After they sign up, you have already planted the seed.

“I Will Match My Time To Yours”

Team leaders attempting to provide one on one coaching for a non-participatory distributor frequently feel great frustration!

Tell every new consultant after they sign their papers that you are here to guide them to their goals. When they sign up – the very day they sign up…. say: “I Will Match My Time To Yours!”

Be fair and be patient but do not give an uninvolved team member’s business more of your time they they give of their own!

If, after they are through their initial super starter period, they are still not participating, leave a message for them that you will be there when they need you and do not hesitate to call when that time arises.

Then let them go…

You cannot make them want your services!

One On One Mentoring Means 2 People

One-on-one mentoring requires 2 people!

1 plus 1 = one on one!

Say it NOW -  “I Will Match My Time To Yours”

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