"Team Training & Coaching" Posts

Learn direct selling team training systems: Get party plan consultants off to a strong start, plan great meetings & boost direct sales team retention.

Learn About The High 5 Club For Leaders

High 5 Club
Grow your team with the high 5 club. Using the high five club elements to create a team of leaders with a duplicate-able system of team development.

Organize Your Thoughts At Conference

Organize Your Thoughts
Learn How To Organize Your Thoughts From Conference! Take 30 minutes and make a plan to Organize Your Thoughts so that you get the most out of your conference attendance and education! Create Momentum!

Everyone Should Go To Sales Rally

Sales Rally
Read the many benefits of attending your company's Sales Rally. Tell us what you have learned or plan to get out of attending. Read the sweepstakes pick of best quotes!

Jessica Kaiser: Launching Your Team

Listen to Jessica Kaiser on the Radio sharing tips on Launching Your Team. Build your network using a launch party then use trade shows to find business.

How To Remember Names At Parties

how to remember names
Listen to audio and learn how to remember names. These tips on how to remember names will increase sales and keep the audience looking at YOU.

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