"Team Training & Coaching" Posts

Learn direct selling team training systems: Get party plan consultants off to a strong start, plan great meetings & boost direct sales team retention.

Never Complain Downline!

never complain
Your upline is there for you! Never complain downline whether you are in direct sales or a corporate job it will cost you the respect of your team!

Create Timely Team Rewards

Team Incentives work but make sure you do not break the bank. Learn how to plan a team incentive! Listen to radio show with Deb Bixler and Diane Prince.

Don’t Recreate The Wheel – Support Company

Many leaders try to recreate the wheel. Your company is investing in growing the sales force Learn how to stack your efforts on top of theirs for results.

How To Get People To Take Action

Understanding the process on how to get people to take action is key to success. Read the three steps to move people to action.

Connect With Facebook Team Group

facebook team group
Use a Facebook team group to get the attention of new distributors immediately. They are already in FB so increase retention by grabbing their interest.

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