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Becky Spieth, the Direct Sales Specialist & founding partner of the John Maxwell Team shares how to use proven principles and practical ways to start realizing and living your dreams through your direct selling business.

Becky says you will discover how to go from Wreckognition to recognition with results through incentives and empowerment. (This is not just another talk about driving behavior with carrots & sticks!)

From Direct Sales Specialist, Becky Spieth

guest blogger: Becky SpiethBusiness success and growth… isn’t that what we want for ourselves and our success team?

Of course it is!

Then what is the missing link? Inspiration, empowerment, buy-in and of course… action with accountability and results. (Whenever I say accountability… my stomach feels a bit queasy, because it doesn’t sound fun, especially when we are working with a volunteer workforce.)

So, how do we bridge this gap?

With fun, awesome incentives (you may call them challenges, programs, contests, or even promotions), a plan, celebration and recognition!    Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or expensive. It can be as simple as what I like to call a “Quickie Challenge.”

This incentive challenge works well when you are close to achieving a goal and need a “shot in the arm”, or want to bolster your weekly focus for business. You may choose to do a monthly incentive challenge or something more long-term.

You can mix up your incentive challenges by focusing on different activities that lead to the bottom line results you desire, or pick a specific topic like: sales, sponsoring, bookings/appointments, team growth, increasing attendance, etc. You might even mix it up by having Group or Team challenges alternated with Individual or Personal challenges. As you can see, there are a myriad of ways to keep it fresh and engaging. Are your creative juices flowing yet?

Using Team Incentives

Are you thinking, why should I do this? Here are a few reasons why you should consider using team incentives:

  • They increase energy and excite people to action
  • It arouses Team Spirit and Develops Relationships
  • It creates urgency and encourages a “stretch” for increased skill and confidence
  • And so much more….

Planning Team Challenges

Becky SpiethA word of caution around team training incentives.…

Make sure you have a plan in place prior to rolling out your incentive challenge.

Be clear about your desired result. (Remember, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.) Don’t forget to have a way to track who is participating, what the time frame is, what the reward will be, what your return on investment will be, how will it be celebrated, is it simple to understand… and above all don’t forget to consider why the participants would want to participate.

Are you thinking, this sounds great… but expensive?

Keep in mind that one of the greatest rewards you can offer to any direct selling challenge is special time with you. Out of the thousands of direct sellers I have interviewed, coached and trained, the greatest response to what type of reward would you like to earn (next to cash), is time with my leader. Keep it fun, do a mystery trip, go for hot fudge, or a cup of coffee.

As you share your vision with your team, share in the incentive challenges as well. Nothing excites challenge participants as much as to know that you are in it to win it with them. You show your belief in them and increase their buy-in to your vision when it is united, and nothing does that better than an exciting incentive challenge contest with celebration together! Incentive challenges create a common bond and a shared belief that will fuel a movement and could change your business.

Becky Spieth, Direct Sales Specialist

Are you ready to live your dream now? You’ve dreamed about it… now you can do it!

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