Networking Games Connect Long Distance Consultants

In the 21st century I can not imagine any team being ONLY local.  Technology has changed that forever!

It is important to connect all your consultants around the country or around the world no matter how far you personally live from each other.

team meeting
Just like at your local meeting every meeting should include: education, recognition, friendship and networking.

Incorporate the networking games below into your meeting and become an expert at team meeting planning and you will have a team of friends who are connected around the world!

Meetings Create Friendships: Networking And Online Games

The training and education part aside, one of the most important parts of a meeting is to create the friendship connection between team members by incorporating networking and games into your meeting.

direct sales team connectionsMake sure that just because you are running a web-based meeting that you do not forget the friendship piece.

Friends don’t let friends down! When you put systems into place to create long distance friendships you will improve team retention!

There are many ways to create these friendships or connections for long distance meetings.

Some include:

  • Allow team members to ask questions and introduce themselves. Be sure to have a conference bridge that makes that easy.
  • When you are doing team recognition on a webinar, put up pictures of those being honored as you talk.
  • Bring your local consultants onto the training teleseminar to share a topic that they shared at the live meeting.
  • Ask long distance consultants to speak at the technology-based meeting and also via remote speaker at the live meetings.
  • Play networking games between the digital meetings.

2 Networking Games For Team Connection Around The World

There are many networking games that can be modified a bit to be played by long distance consultants between online meetings.

Two that I can think of are:

  1. Basket Buddies: Put all the names of your consultants into a basket, bowl, tote or other product from your line. Pick names for each consultant to be a “Basket Buddy”. Then set up some challenges for them to call and talk about periodically each month. Rotate the “Basket Buddies” each 30 day period and have different topics of discussion.
  2. The “I’m Awesome | This is Terrific” game is a fun long distance networking game that can be played in different variations periodically to create friendships. In this game people are assigned a new name. One team member’s new name is Awesome and the other team members new name is Terrific.They are assigned to call their new friend once a week and only call them or use their new names. Like this: “Hi Terrific, this is Awesome… how are you today? Fine thank you, Awesome, and you?”  The only rules are that they must use ONLY their new names and ONLY talk about positive things, or at least solutions rather than problems.

Both of thes networking games create long distance friendships.

This along with the team meeting concept laid out in the meeting planning series will create friendships!

Your team will want to come to conference to meet their basket buddy or Awesome friend in real life!


    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I love the “Awesome/Terrific” one!!!

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