4 Great Team Meeting Themes

One of the best ways to keep up the attendance at your direct sales consultants’ meetings is to have fun and exciting team meeting themes.

Create Exciting Team Meeting Themes

Creating and planning team meetings with exciting topics and sales meeting themes will keep your team guessing as to what is coming next.

Good meetings will keep them coming back for more!

Team Building Sales Meeting Themes

These 4 themes are my favorites!

1 – The Balanced Business Tree sales meeting theme:

The graphic itself is pretty much self explanatory and makes a great team building discussion! Any consultant will benefit from this discussion!
team meeting themes
Challenge your seasoned team members to start over with 20 new shows in a given month using all 7 categories!

team meeting themes2 – Chickens and Stars:

A week or so before the team training, send a postcard or email and do a phone call, telling everyone to bring a can of Chicken And Stars soup.

No other explanation is necessary. You are creating an aura of intrigue. “What is she up to now?!”

Then at the meeting, have a segment on networking, phone calls or anything you want, and the “theme” is “Are you a STAR?” Define being a STAR:

  • Do you talk to people everywhere you go?
  • Do you make a commitment to ask three people per day to host a show, and then DO it?
  • Any topic you want really…

Or are you a CHICKEN?

Define being a CHICKEN:

  • Do you make plans and then chicken out?
  • Do you say you are going to do it then don’t?

Tell everyone to keep the soup can next to the phone and look at it until the next meeting to decide if they are a chicken or a star.

Seasonal Team Meeting Themes

Christie Northrup is the number one authority on team building themes. Well-known for putting a sweet twist on sour situations, the Lemon Aid Lady, as she calls herself, has a wide variety of seasonal or unique team training themes.

3 – “Them Bones” Team Meeting Theme:
team building ideasOne of my favorite themes is the October meeting theme of “Them Bones” which is part of her theme training programs.

This is a copy of her Invitation For October Theme Meeting shared here with permission.

(On a PC: Click the link then go to file at the top left of the screen, then “save” or “save as”. Mobile: Click and hold to download.)

The objective is to have a fun Halloween theme and use it to illustrate that something is the back BONE of your business.

The back BONE is the most important part of your body and the back bone of your business is the most important part of the business. I used to use this theme to talk about host coaching, which I believe truly is the back bone of the direct sales business.

Good hostess coaching will help your team find more bookings & recruits.

Thank you to the The Lemon Aid Lady for permission to share her theme!

team team meeting themes4 – Johnny Appleseed Meeting:

Tell everyone to bring a package of seeds. This is another one of my favorite theme meetings.
What you do today affects your business most 3 months down the road…

Is your team planting the seeds for the future?

Creating a theme and asking everyone to bring a package of their favorite seeds will generate curiosity and a meeting topic that is fun. Everyone will bring different kinds of seeds showing that we all run our business differently.

Are you planting the seeds today so that you can reap the harvest down the road?

Team Building Ideas – Creative Meeting Ideas

It is easy to give tips at your sales meeting but getting creative with your team meeting ideas will really help your team members to keep coming back for more.

Creating meetings that are unique and different every month will insure that your team sales consultants keep coming back.

An engaged team member learns more and becomes more proactive in business!

When a team connects at the meeting, they become more committed to their business because they are committed to friendships.

Be creative with your meeting ideas by investing in team building training programs and make every meeting different.

The Direct Sales Recruiting University will leverage your efforts & turn your team into a caring and sharing team!

Please share a team meeting theme that you have used or been involved in at a meeting in the comment box below.


    Shared by: Kim Thompson-Pinder:

    I love the Chicken & stars theme. What a great reminder. I am always a go for anything with seeds. we all need to remember that a part of this business is planting seeds.

    Shared by: Pam Shaw:

    WOW! I never thought about team meetings with a theme. Not only is the Chicken & Stars idea good for my team. It’s a great reminder for me.

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